Introducing Finalist Cocktail #1 of Van Gogh Vodka’s revolutionary competition!

After six weeks the Grand Final will bring professionals and home bartenders together live on October 25th at 5 pm to announce each winner.

Home Bartender Submission

I Like Your Peach Fizz, cocktail

I Like Your Peach Fizz

I Like Your Peach Fizz

Recipe by Shelby Stange


  • 2 oz. Van Gogh Cool Peach Vodka
  • 1 Egg White
  • 3/4 oz. Homemade Peach Ring Candy Simple Syrup
  • Topped with Peach-Nectarine Sparkling Water
  • Peach Ring Candies to Garnish

Preparation: Vigorously shake 1 egg white with NO ice in a shaker. Add ice, Cool peach vodka, and peach ring candy simple syrup then shake again, about 10 seconds. Strain into high ball glass over fresh ice. Top with peach-nectarine sparkling water. Garnish with peach ring candies 

Shelby Stange

Shelby Stange

Story: “My boyfriend LOVES peach ring candies. This is a great,unique cocktail for the sweet tooth that doesn’t feel super sugary! This was inspired by a favorite cocktail of mine, the gin fizz – hence the name peach fizz! I love the ombré effect this cocktail takes on in its finished state, like melting watercolors in a Van Gogh painting. Thanks for following along!”

Bio: Shelby Stange has been working in the service industry for over 9 years. She made her way up the ladder from hostess to bar manager, and has worked in a sports bar, an Irish pub, a cocktail and elixirs bar, before finally landing on the craft beer side of the industry just over 2 years ago. Since her jump to craft beer, she takes great pride in making at home cocktails for her family and friends.

Follow Shelby on Instagram: @ibco.shelbs

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