Trumer Pils has announced its fifth Gold Medal win for Best German Style Pilsner at the 2018 Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA).

Celebrating 26 years, the AIBA is one of the world’s largest annual beer competitions, judging both draught and packaged beer. This year, the competition attracted 2,178 entries from 359 breweries, a 6 percent increase from 2017.

Trumer Pils’ quality has been recognized and awarded thirteen Gold Medal wins at the most prestigious international beer competitions, and has made Trumer the most awarded craft pilsner in the world.

Trumer Pils, award winning banner

Trumer Pils

The Trumer Brewery was established in 2004 in Berkeley, California and is a sister brewery to the centuries-old Trumer Brauerei in Salzburg, Austria. Marrying the heritage and tradition of European brewing with the energy and passion of American craft brewing, this hand-crafted pilsner remains true to style and focuses on four pure ingredients: water, malt, yeast and hops. Trumer Pils is celebrated as a fresh, craft pilsner, characterized by a distinct hop aroma, brisk carbonation and light body.

The Trumer Brewery is open Monday through Friday and offers free tours daily. For more information, visit