To narrow down the vast world of vodka, Chilled compiled a selection worth giving a shot, no pun intended.

Carefully chosen based on overall sustainability, purity of ingredients, and the beauty of its containers, these spirits will have you “chillin” before you know it. We urge you to expand your vodka horizons. You’d be straight up silly to not have at least one of these vodkas on your radar!

Blue Ice

Serving up potato vodka with pride from the state of Idaho! Idaho is where the people fueling this brand come from and live, where natural ingredients are sourced, and the product is manufactured. The magical crop known as the luscious Russet Burbank potato is the liquid’s x-factor ingredient. Blue Ice is distilled in a four-column still using fractal distillation. This process enables its master distiller to control the removal of impurities at a micro level. The neutral spirit is completely additive-free. Post-distillation process, the vodka is filtered five times, while most vodka will only be filtered a maximum of three times. Blue Ice goes above and beyond, running its alcohol through fine charcoal, filter press, garnet or crystal, travertine and sub-micron to guarantee the highest level of clarity.

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Blue Ice Vodka, bottle on white

Blue Ice Vodka

Broken Shed

Here is a brand that puts an abundant amount of focus into the telltale element that its spirit is composed of, good ole H2O. It all starts within the North Island of New Zealand. Stationed above a geothermal system, it’s the 14th largest island on the globe. Its miraculous landscape of lush forests, volcanic mountains, and hot springs give the island’s water a mystical touch. With such pure water, comes a special product that is plenty worthwhile. Broken Shed hides its blending technique from the world, maintaining its individuality as a brand. The distillation process initiates with the raw material of natural protein whey. It’s distilled three times, resulting in a clean sparkling distillate. Rightfully so, they refer to it as magic!

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Broken Shed Vodka, bottle on white

Broken Shed Vodka


At this price point there’s no reason to not stock up. Distilled in Poland, WÓDKA Vodka prides itself on being premium vodka at a fraction of the price. This clear, high quality vodka IS at an affordable price, and deserves the bragging rights.

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Wódka Vodka

Wódka Vodka

Western Son

Western Son Vodka is top-notch small batch American craft vodka. The award-winning vodka is made of 100% American corn and the sheer power from the Western spirit. Their ace in the hole ingredient is a hybrid of Midwest and Texas yellow corn, which is naturally gluten-free. After the corn is milled, its partnered with reverse osmosis water from the city of Pilot Point’s local aquifer and cooked to 185 °F, disposing of the sugars and starch. Next, the hot mash is transferred to the fermentation vessels, designed to remain 75 °F. Distillation occurs in a copper pot still at 190 °F, allowing the alcohol to be cooked out of the mash. Their 20-foot vodka column still carries 13 perforated copper plates, which are responsible for granting its vodka an intensely smooth, 10-time distilled quality.

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Western Son, bottle on white

Western Son


Another firm believer in the absence of additives and extra flavors is NEFT, which translates to “oil” in English. Is super-premium vodka packaged in a unique oil barrel, composed of cleanest ingredients: crisp Alpine spring water and quality grains are the foundational ingredients for the natural taste. Several distillations and special filtration technology conjure this spirit and brings to fruition clean vodka drinking.

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Neft Vodka Barrels, on white background

Neft Vodka Barrels


A derivative from the Swedish words’ “vodka” and “raw,” Ravo is a straightforward and simplistic spirit made from all-natural winter wheat. This stuff is created in Gotene, a place not far from the small city of Linköping, Sweden. Its components are strictly of the highest quality. The distillery is in a bucolic area of rural Sweden, resting on the edge of one of the cleanest water sources in the country. For the blending of Råvo, this water undergoes reverse osmosis. Like most water sources in Sweden, this liquid is known for its fresh and soft character.

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Råvo Vodka, bottle on white

Råvo Vodka


Taking advantage of the highest-quality American grains, Bogart’s Vodka matches the superiority of the phenomenal man it symbolizes. Column-distilled seven times in small-sized batches, this excellent artisan spirit is distilled to fulfill the most critical palates. It’s smooth and clean with a silky-dry yet light, fruity body and peppery spice-accented finish.

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Bogart's Vodka, bottle on white

Bogart’s Vodka