Earlier this month, M.S. Walker President Doug Shaw traveled to the wine regions of South Africa to visit Cape Classics’ farms and vineyards.

Doug Shaw and Thomas Webb

M.S. Walker President Doug Shaw and Thomas Webb, General Manager of Thelema Mountain Vineyards, the first winery represented by Cape Classics and imported to the U.S. through M.S. Walker.

Photo Courtesy Brand Action Team

As the brand’s first U.S. distributor partner, Shaw took this trip back in 1991, and recounted the developments in winemaking that are unique to the Cape Classic portfolio.

“Unlike my last trip over 20 years ago, I felt a distinct aura of confidence and price with the proprietors and winemakers, yet a humbleness that keeps them grounded. I believe this has resulted in more risk taking with all elements leading up to the final product, and ultimately more complex and interesting wines,” mentioned Shaw.