Toast St. Patrick’s Day with a craft nitro stout, Milk Stout Nitro.

The beer is bottled with Nitrogen, infusing the roast and mocha flavors with a distinct creaminess and captivating cascade, signature of a nitro beer. The sweet stout, with a one of a kind hard pour, is the craft favorite for novice and experienced beer drinkers alike, and a top pick for St. Patrick’s Day.

Milk Stout Nitro Draft Pour and 6 Pack Bottles

With a 17.6% increase in U.S. beer sales volume growth in 2014 (Brewers Association), craft beer is growing in popularity, with Nitro beer named as a 2016 beer trend by Fortune magazine. Based on Left Hand’s award-winning sweet stout style, Milk Stout Nitro is a fan favorite. Milk Stout Nitro is America’s Original Nitro Bottle, giving the beer drinker the draft experience out of the bottle, and is a great braise for corned beef and addition to chocolate desserts.

E Clark pouring Milk Stout Nitro

The insoluble effect of Nitrogen creates a smoother and fuller mouthfeel, perfect for the flavor profile of a sweet stout. To get the perfect pint out of the bottle, just pour hard into a pub glass and watch the Nitro cascade unfold. Milk Stout Nitro builds a tight, thick head giving way to roasty, mocha flavors slight hop & roast bitterness.

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