Generating a powerful sound and genre-bending aesthetic, The World Over explores a plethora of musical styles while maintaining their rock and roll roots.

In 2013, the original lineup inspired and created the title of the group. The featured members at the time came from areas of the globe including France, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Connecticut, all meeting each other during their attendance at the L.A. Music Academy. The name serves as a motivational goal: to take the world by storm one fan at a time.

Comprised of guitarist Ryan Knecht, bassist Juan Arguello, drummer Alejandro Mercado, and led by the versatile front-woman, Tiaday Ball, The World Over has been shaking up the rock/metal world since the release of their first EP, Rampart District, in 2014. The single, “Swervewolf,” has tallied in well over 100k YouTube views, making a lasting impact on fans and critics. Perhaps more notable was the release of Mountains (2017), which created several opportunities for the band.

The five-song EP was a product of each members personal life. Its title-track was influenced by a toxic friendship, and the concept that sometimes amidst trying to save someone, you can lose yourself. The success of Mountains earned them a spot on the final Vans Warped Tour of 2018, and made room for tours in areas including the UK, Europe, and U.S.

Obtaining the respect of their fellow musical community marks a career highlight for The World Over. The band can be found on Alternative Press more than a half-dozen times, along with Tiaday being classified as one of the 100 Top Females in Music.

Stoked to release their highly anticipated first full-length album, The World Over isn’t showing any signs of settling down. The new single, “Rewind/Replay” finds the band taking a stab at new sounds and songwriting methods. With support all over various media apps, The World Over is ready to pave the road of an amazing career. Chilled Sat Down with the group to find out their future projects, downtime hobbies, and more.

Chillin' with The World Over

Chillin’ with The World Over

Tell us about the projects you are working on.

Lately we’ve been busy with recording new music to release so we can head out on another tour! We’ll be releasing another EP in 2020 with a few music videos leading up to a full-length record.

With your busy schedule, what do you like to do with your downtime?

It’s funny that you mention that because we’re either so busy on the road with no time for sleep or have so much time in between tours that we just can’t wait to get back on the road. A lot of us like to play video games or find other ways to keep playing music.

When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine?

When it comes to road food, we all love to hit up Wafflehouse, Whataburger, Kum & Go, or Sheetz depending on what’s open. If the venue feeds us that’s always a plus, but that’s usually the only chance we get to eat – after shows.

Chillin' with The World Over

Chillin’ with The World Over

What types of dishes do you typically order?

There aren’t too much variety in the fast food joints, but since I’m (singer) a vegetarian, I tend to try to hit up Carl’s Jr. for the beyond burger or Mexican food on the road. The rest of the guys will eat anything; they’re not picky!

Any favorite bars?

None of us are really drinkers since we all must stay sober to take drive shifts to the next venue, but the Gas Monkey in Dallas, TX was fun!

What drinks do you order when out?

Usually just a local beer so we’re not getting too out of hand. Fans will try to buy us shots and on the rare occasion we’ll take the offer. I will usually go for Fireball, and Alex (drummer) will go for Jack. Ryan and Juan stay away from hard alcohol.