We’re counting down to National Vodka Day (October 4th) with a look at one of our favorite vodka lines, Chopin.

Based in the picturesque village of Krzesk, Poland, Chopin Vodka makes stunning luxury vodka using traditional methods. In 1992, founder and CEO Tadeusz Dorda debuted the first ultra-luxury vodka packaged in their patented frosted bottles with clear windows; the launch redefined the vodka industry for good.

Vodka used to be defined by its mixability – how well it vanished into a drink – it was meant to be devoid of color, flavor, odor or distinctive character. But when you’re making high-quality vodka, like Chopin, this definition is simply incorrect. Chopin sources most of their ingredients from within 18 miles of their distillery allowing their vodkas to be made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Much of the production process is still done by hand and in small batches.

The brand produces a variety of vodkas including three styles made from single ingredients: potato, rye, and wheat. Each style has its own unique flavor profile and showcases how unique vodka can be. Chopin’s Potato Vodka (highlighted in the cocktail below) is the most awarded potato-based vodka on the market. The creamy, full-bodied flavor make it ideal in a wide range of cocktails as well as for sipping neat or in a martini. The spirit has a long, clean finish with no burn and a subtle green apple and vanilla aroma on the nose.

Chopin’s Rye Vodka highlights the spicy flavor of Polish rye, with a peppery profile idea for both sweet and savory cocktails. Slight aromas of rye bread delight the nose while a vibrant pepper flavor opens on the palate. The medium body leads to a short, crisp finish that pairs well with anything featuring ginger, peppers, and fresh berries. The lightest and sweetest of the three is the Wheat Vodka, which has a floral bouquet with a light mouthfeel, sweet notes of caramel and a gentle finish.

Steak & Chopin Potato

Steak & Chopin Potato

Steak & Chopin Potato


Preparation: Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into chilled martini glass. Skewer steak and roasted potatoes as garnish.