Jen Davis has been shaping the beverage scene in Providence for quite some time.

As a 21-year-old bartender, she entered her first cocktail competition and won!! This quickly fueled her passion to perfect her mixology craft.

She refined her hospitality skills at Cook & Brown Public House where she was promoted to bar manager because they earned two James Beard nominations for “Outstanding Bar Program.” Jen now serves as the beverage director for both The Eddy and Durk’s. Jen’s approach to all things beer, whiskey and cocktails is centered around sourcing for quality and highlighting the local where she can.

At local Providence, Rhode Island gem Durk’s Bar-B-Q Jen loves to utilize the wood-fired grill and smoke when creating her whiskey-soaked cocktail list to pair with the hearty and fresh food menu, as well as building on seasonal New England flavors.

Jen Davis Shaking Chilton

Jen Davis Shaking Chilton

Jen builds relationships with regional and local beer producers to showcase local New England beers that pair well with barbecue. She curates the Whiskey Wall with longtime classic producers in parallel with up-and-coming producers and distillers, noting where and how they source their grains.

Finished Chilton

Finished Chilton

Durk’s signature Whiskey Wall is comprised of 150+ bottles of handpicked American bourbons, ryes, single malts and Tennessee-born whiskeys, along with a broad selection of Scottish, Irish and Japanese offerings. Durk’s signature Whiskey Wall offers the perfect foil for countless varieties on a classic like the Old Fashioned on Draft (Old Overholt Bonded Rye Whiskey, smoked maple, apple bitters, smoked sea salt) or opt for the Build Your Own Old Fashioned—pick the spirit and Jen will do the rest.

Check out what Jen says about the Old Fashioned on Draft:

Jen Davis mixing Old Fashioned

Jen Davis mixing Old Fashioned

Talk to us about the Old Fashioned on Draft at Durk’s Bar-B-Q.

The Durk’s Bar-B-Q Old Fashioned on Draft is our house Old Fashioned, and I really wanted to evoke the flavors of New England with it. With that inspiration I was able to land on the flavors of maple, salt, smoke, and apples—all of which are abundant and make me think of New England and BBQ!

Tell us about serving this classic on draft.

Serving a cocktail as well loved as an Old Fashioned on Draft is quite the no brainer. It is a terrific way for our guests to try something that is a great representation of our comprehensive Durk’s bar program.

Is the cocktail popular with the guests?

Very popular. It is something, at this point, that we just can’t take off the menu.

What should bartenders know about serving cocktails on draft?

Keep it simple and choose something that is a crowd pleaser. There is nothing worse than sitting on something that isn’t making you money. The key to cocktails on draft is to make it tasty, simple, and make sure you can make a lot of money on it! Ideally, the cocktail on draft is something you can pump out and not have it slow down service.