The Devon Worley Band is comprised of a range of pure talents.

Vocalist/guitarist and pianist Devon Worley possesses an undeniable ability that hooked the attention of top-tier touring musicians at an early age. While most teenage girls were hanging out at the mall snap chatting their boyfriends, Devon was beyond her years. Her time was spent paying dues, traveling with her band, and touring relentlessly, playing at just about every bar, fair, and festival in the grain belt.

Worley and her band have taken the Midwest music scene by storm and are receiving critical acclaim and national attention. Their latest full-length album “The Sunrise Resistance” has caught the attention of not only country music fans nationwide, but also Nashville insiders eager to see more of the band’s no-rules writing style.

This group fuses both genres of country and rock and tops it off with their own one-of-a-kind twist. Their brand-new attitude towards country music often turns heads and makes way for unseen trends. From their songwriting style to their studio recordings, the girl and her band are forging their own unique path. However, their true love is the stage. Their passion for the live show, the audience, and their fans is beyond blatant.

Jason Medvec supplements the band’s sound excellently thanks to his upbringing that paralleled Devon’s. At the young age of 18, when most high school post-graduates are picking out a twin comforter for their dorm room, Medvec was stepping on a tour bus, leaving for an international tour with the Bay City Rollers. During his run with the Rollers, Jason toured the U.S. and Canada twice, performed at stadium sized crowds in the UK, and played in front of 3000 – 5000 seat theaters in Australia.

Powering up the rock aspect of the D.W.B. sound is none other than the cold hard jammer that hails from Juneau, Alaska: Adam Durand. Post-graduation with a degree in bass performance, Adam started a part time gig with Devon Worley. His vision in both production and performance, were critical to the development of D.W.B.’s energy-explosive stage performances which have become a trademark of their live shows.

Last but far from least, is Grant Helen whose musical versatility can be seen on the drums, harmonica, trumpet, and even vocally. One day at a bar called Toby Keith’s, this hard-hitting drummer got asked to judge a karaoke contest on a Wednesday night. As fate would have it, a local up and comer named Devon Worley was asked to judge as well and the two struck up a friendship.  After many months and several unexpected turn of events, Grant ended up joining her band as the thunderous backbone of the Devon Worley Band.

Chilled sat with each member and learned all about their preferred places to eat, things to drink, and bartending past.

Chillin’ With The Devon Worley Band

Chillin’ With The Devon Worley Band

Tell us about the projects you are working on.

Grant—Our new EP is Teatime for Thieves which was released in April. Looking forward to supporting that on the road.

With your busy schedule, what do you like to do with your downtime?

Grant—Projects around the house and time with family has been nice.

Devon—I like to read a lot and with all the shutdown stuff I learned to knit.  I also like hanging out with my cats Rosie and Icarus.

Adam—I like watching way too many Sci-Fi movies and go down the rabbit hole.

When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine?

Grant—Any good sushi.

Devon—Sushi. A good dive-like sushi place.

Adam—Thai food.

Jason—Sushi for sure.

Chillin’ With The Devon Worley Band

Chillin’ With The Devon Worley Band

What types of dishes do you typically order?

Grant—One of my favorites is the volcano roll from Samurai Sushi in Nashville

Devon—I am a sucker for anything with yellowtail.  If it says Yellowtail anywhere in the description, I order it without asking any other questions.

Adam—Red curry from Raumitt Thai is simply the best.

Jason—Sapporo and Saki.

What dishes/drinks are you making at home right now during “stay-at-home?”

Grant—I grill a lot.  From burgers to chops. I have to say a beer goes best with food off the grill.

Devon—I really like to cook so I have been going online and looking for any recipe I find interesting.  I also really enjoy pairing with a drink or cocktail.  A couple weeks ago I made a one pot carbonara and I paired it with a great pinot grigio.

Adam—I’ve been learning to recreate my favorite recipes from my favorite restaurants.  I made crab jalapeno poppers recently and Frogtown wings from the Blue Door

Jason—I have been learning how to smoke on my smoker. Ribs and brisket. Because it’s such a long process it’s great to sip on a great whiskey or scotch while I’m cooking. A smoked imperial rye also pairs well with smoked meats.

Any favorite bars?

Grant—My favorite bars are Big Wood Brewery and the Alchemist. One is a brewery and one is a craft cocktail bar. I love bouncing between the two of them trying the best beers and drinks.

Devon—My favorite bar is my neighborhood bar Inn Kahoots. It’s a dive bar but kind of the cornerstone of our community. I played one of our first shows there and it feels like home every time I go there.  Good people, good drinks, perfect vibe.

What drinks do you order when out?

Grant—I like a good Manhattan a Dirty Martini. When we are drinking on the tour bus it’s usually a vodka soda or a vodka Le Croix which we now call a V le C.

Devon—My fav cocktail is a Kettle One Dirty Martini on the rocks.

Adam—I love an Old Fashioned especially when it is served with a large square ice cube.

Jason—A local craft IPA.

Chillin’ With The Devon Worley Band

Chillin’ With The Devon Worley Band

Do you prepare drinks at home?

Grant—We have been on lockdown for three months. So YEAH!  I’m actually nervous to start drinking in bars again.  It will be so weird!

Devon—I like to make a Martini or find some fun stuff in the fridge to make a vodka cocktail. I like lime and ginger, and I use that experimentally a lot in drinks.

Adam—I sometimes mix Tito’s with a White Claw. I call it a calamity claw.

Jason—I really like making Mai Tai’s and Margaritas. I also grow hot peppers and infuse them into Margaritas. I like traditional Don the Beachcomber Mai Tais. I stick to the tradition on that one.

Tell us about your home bar. What is it stocked with?

Grant—Rail liquors and whatever my wife’s drink of the moment is. Right now, it’s a gin drink so I buy expensive gin for her. The staples. Nothing crazy.

Devon—A lot of vodka, a decent amount of wine, and I do really enjoy keeping multiple varieties of seltzer around.

Adam—Tito’s seltzers and Voodoo Ranger.

Jason—A boatload of beer. Some that I brew, but I like a variety of craft from around the country. I always keep a good tequila. Herradura Anjeo is always in my cupboard. I also keep a good bottle of scotch. Balvine 18 year is always in my house.

Have you ever been a bartender? 

Devon—I was a bartender for my bandmates before I could legally drink if that counts? Try making cocktails on a moving bus. There’s some skill there.

Adam—For a brief time in college. I was a dishwasher and the bartender quit so I briefly got promoted.  I do not remember much about that time.

If you could share a drink with anyone, who would it be?

Grant—Dave Grohl. I think he’d be a good hang but could also drink.

Devon—Betty White. Firstly, I would get to say “That one time when I was drinking with Betty White” conversationally and that would be pretty bad ass. Also, I am sure she would have the best stories. I have a gut feeling she could drink me under the table.

Adam—Bill Murray.  Bill F*cking Murray.

Jason—Robin Williams.  I just need to know what he would say.