Whipping It Up In The Windy City.

The Chilled 100, Chilled Magazine’s group of expert mixologists got a taste of Mexico while attending their Chicago roundtable event held at Dos Urban Cantina, a unique South of the Boarder themed joint with a modern twist. Husband and wife owners Brian Enyart and Jennifer Jones Enyart bring Chicagoans a menu full of traditional and contemporary dishes using intense flavors.

Chilled 100 Rountable Series Chicago

Chilled Roundtable Series – Chicago

Photo by Tina Smothers Photography

Highlights include tasty carnitas and raw scallops in a spicy-sour lime aquachile, with roasted sweet potato and black chia seeds. The dessert menu is just as superb with the tres leches with mezcal meringue as a definite Chilled 100 favorite. The cocktail menu being offered at one of the two bars are agave-driven and support the classics like an exceptionally grapefruit-forward Paloma and a gorgeously crafted Margarita.

“Palm Bay International brings a wide array of quality spirits into the bartending arsenal. Their National Director of Crafts Spirits Education, Diana Novak, has a passion for education and sharing her knowledge with those around her.”
– Chilled 100 Member Shaunna Mccarthy

The group got the chance to sit and meet with Diana Novak who happens to be Palm Bay’s National Director of Craft Spirits Education and Development along with Thomas Settineri who both represented the brands so creatively and effectively that the Chilled 100 members felt compelled to mix with the spirits. The bar allowed us to pay a corking fee and our members made mixed drinks with the Palm Bay brands behind the bar. They really came up with some soulful cocktails and everyone left inspired that night.

“I have only lived in Chicago for a year and a half, and in that short amount of time I have been welcomed with open arms. Chicago’s bar community is one of the most friendly and inclusive families I have had the pleasure of being a part of. It is a very competitive market; yet the sense of camaraderie is strong, take this recent Lost Lake fire for example. Within a couple days Lost Lake was able to secure bar takeovers at several different bars around the city as well as numerous liquor sponsors in an effort to raise money for their displaced staff. This community rallies harder and faster than most. I am proud to be a transplant in this amazing city.”
– Elizabeth Mickiewicz, U.S. Angostura Brand Ambassador