The world’s most handcrafted single malt Scotch whisky introduces commemorative 25th anniversary DoubleWood 12 Year Old pack and new DoubleWood 25 Year Old to highlight the innovative work of Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE.

The new releases pay homage to double-cask maturation, a technique which Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE began experimenting with in 1982 by transferring 12-year-old Balvenie into Oloroso Sherry Casks. The success of David’s trials led to the release of The Balvenie Classic in 1983, and in 1993 The Balvenie released its DoubleWood 12 Year Old, a whisky that begins its journey in traditional American oak casks for 12 years, before being transferred into Spanish Sherry oak for a further nine months for final maturation.

This process, widely recognized as one of the most important innovations in the Scotch whisky category, has since become commonplace in the industry thanks to Stewart’s trials and experimentation. Development of this technique, and many other contributions over David Stewart‘s 55 years dedicated to Scotch whisky with William Grant & Sons and The Balvenie, earned him a distinction from Queen Elizabeth II as a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 2016.

“DoubleWood’s creation and subsequent success is an achievement of major personal pride for me. It makes me very happy to know that a technique I helped pioneer all those years ago has now become a common practice in the whisky industry. But DoubleWood wouldn’t be the whisky it is today without the hard work and dedication of all the distillery craftsmen who have contributed to its development over the years. The 25th anniversary celebrations give us all a perfect opportunity to come together and raise a dram to this wonderful liquid.”
– David C. Stewart, MBE, Malt Master

DoubleWood 12 Year Old Anniversary Edition, bottle and package on white

DoubleWood 12 Year Old Anniversary Edition

“At The Balvenie, we’re excited to celebrate the occasion with whisky fans the world over, but especially thrilled to honor the man who started it all 25 years ago, our Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE. Not only did his pioneering work in cask finishing help to revolutionize the entire Scotch whisky category, but it has also spurred further innovation in the industry which continues to inspire creation today”
– Greg Levine, Balvenie Brand Director

The celebratory 25th anniversary edition of The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Old is now available in limited quantities in the U.S. across the finest on- and off-trade retailers, maintaining the same suggested price as the original bottle (SRP $54.99). The commemorative pack features a bespoke diagram explaining the double-cask maturation process, a special 25th anniversary-edition maroon band on the top of the tube and bottle and a brief note about David C. Stewart being awarded his MBE in 2016 for his contribution and dedication to Scotch whisky.

Launching in July, the limited-edition DoubleWood 25 Year Old will be presented in its own stylish maroon and opaque box packaging, with an infinity symbol representing the marrying of Sherry oak and American oak. The bottle features a traditional parchment label with classic maroon lettering, emphasizing the new expression and milestone anniversary occasion. This whisky will be aged 25 years in traditional American oak, imparting gentle, warming layers of vanilla spiciness and then further matured in sherry oak to increase complexity. To the nose, it is a perfume of ripe raisin notes and fruit skins, and to taste, highlights the syrupy honey sweetness, leather oak tannins and notes of ginger and cinnamon.

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