Tequila Avión has announced the launch of their new packaging, making it easier for consumers to identify their single-origin tequila and help elevate the spirit.

The ultra-premium tequila elevated its current packaging with a new bottle design and luxury canister for its three main expressions to help consumers understand their story and help easily them easily identify the brand as a single-origin tequila. “AVIÓN SINGLE ORIGIN TEQUILA” will be proudly displayed on the front of the bottle, highlighting a rare aspect of Avión’s DNA. Tequila Avión, one of the few single-origin tequilas on the market, meaning they source all of their Blue Webber agave from one tiny town in Jesus Maria, Mexico and only use water as the secondary ingredient in the final product.

Tequila Avión New Packaging, featured image

Tequila Avión New Packaging

It is uncommon for a tequila to be produced from agave grown entirely in one area, but this is the case with Avión’s Small Batch Highlands Agave. Individual batch and bottle numbers are also hand penned on every label.

The bottles will remain the same elegant and functional shape created with bartenders in mind to ensure the bottle fits the speed rail well and is easy to pour with the elongated neck. To signify life’s journeys, the words “salida,” meaning departure, and “llegada,” meaning arrival, are still embossed on the sides of the bottle to provide a grip when holding.

The luxury canister will be complete with tasting notes, the batch number, the number of months each tequila is aged in whiskey barrels and holds the signatures of both founder Ken Austin and third generation owner and distiller Alejandro Lopez.

For more information, visit TequilaAvion.com.