The Authentic Mexican Beer Mix of Tecate and the Michelada Flavors of Tomato, Lime, Chili Pepper and Spice.

Tecate Diablo

Tecate Diablo

Tecate, the authentic Cerveza “con Caracter”, announces the introduction of Tecate Diablo, a bold Mexican beer mix based on the traditional Michelada recipe of beer, real tomato juice, lime and spices. Diablo is Tecate’s second offering in the Michelada category and provides a spicier take on the classic drink, leveraging the growing popularity of tomato-based beer mixes and Tecate’s position as the Mexican beer brand that offers a bolder and more authentic taste verses the competition.

“The Michelada segment, driven by tomato based beer mixes, is growing in popularity, particularly among the LDA+ Hispanic-American consumer segment,” said Gustavo Guerra, Brand Director, Tecate, HEINEKEN USA.

“This rapidly growing and dynamic consumer segment, forecast to exceed 100 million by 2050 [1], represents over $1 trillion in buying power and is a driving factor behind the growth of Mexican imports (+10.6%) and the burgeoning beer mix segment (+15%) [2]. Tecate Diablo debuts as a spicier offering than existing Tecate Michelada and is perfectly timed as its fiery blend of authentic Mexican Michelada flavors and real tomato juice, combined with the bold taste of Tecate beer separate it from the competition and make it the perfect choice for real hombres.”

Independent consumer research shows Tecate Diablo scored significantly higher than the competition in both brand and product attributes and has high purchase interest among Mexican-American consumer. “92% of consumers tasted stated they would be highly likely to buy Tecate Diablo,” added Guerra.

“It is the most authentic and bold Mexican beer mix available on the market and the perfect choice for our consumer’s lively and informal get-togethers with family and friends.”

Tecate Diablo will launch at retail in February 2015 in 24 oz. can format.

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