Since launching California Roots last August, it has become one of Target’s bestselling wine brands.

Target has announced that it will expand the $5 assortment and introduce a new on-trend varietal, just in time for summer: California Roots Rosé.

Last year, Target’s adult beverage business was the fastest-growing division in the food and beverage portfolio. Within adult beverage, rosé is one of the most popular varietals at Target and as we head into peak rosé season, the trend is here to stay.

“Since we started offering California Roots last summer it has quickly become one of our top-selling wine brands, adding to the overall success of our adult beverage business. Following up on the recent introduction of Yes Way Rosé, California Roots Rosé-at just $5 a bottle-provides guests with yet another differentiated reason to put Target at the top of the list for their adult beverage purchases.”
– Mark Tritton, Target Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer

California Roots Rosé, bottles on white

California Roots Rosé

With notes of fresh berry and citrus, California Roots Rosé is now available for only $5 per bottle at more than 1,200 Target stores nationwide.

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