With temperature gages across the nation reaching their max, total reliance on sunscreen a must, and everyone keen on safe, outdoor activities to prevent the spread of Covid-19, summer 2020 has officially become the ultimate barbecue season.

As a result, let CHILLED guide you through some of the most fantastic libations you can show up with at your next barbeque bash. From emerging liquors from small-batch distilleries and cans-a-plenty, here’s your cheat-sheet of the best, most refreshing beverages for an absolutely splendid socially distant summer pow-wow. Cheers!

For calorie counters by the pool: Volley

Impress your guests with an inspired hard seltzer thanks to Volley, which boasts flavors ranging from Zesty Lime, Spicy Ginger, Sharp Grapefruit, and Tropical Mango all made with just three ingredients: 100 percent Blue Agave Tequila, organic juice, and sparkling water. As a result of the simplicity, each can clocks in at a respectable 100 calories each making the refreshing sipper the perfect addition for a pool day. All the more joy-inducing is the fact that the company’s core mission is outdoor sustainability, proudly partnering with Leave No Trace: “a non-profit that provides resources so every person can protect and enjoy our natural world.”


Volley Packaging and Can


For party guests who want to bring something special: Saint Liberty Whisky

Take a trip to the mountains of Montana with Saint Liberty, a distillery whose mission is to honor unsung female heroes of prohibition. Each scrumptious blend of their whisky honoring a different heroine bootlegger who defied the odds and became the earliest women pioneers in the spirits industry, including Bertie Brown. Famous for her moonshine, Brown holds the distinction of being one of the few African American women to homestead alone in 20s-era Montana: a rich legacy honored by Saint Liberty’s Bertie’s Bear Gulch Bourbon.


Saint Liberty Whisky

Saint Liberty Whisky

For health conscious sunbathers: Pulp Culture

Hailing from sunny Los Angeles is Pulp Culture who is set to “disrupt the definition of alcohol consumption as we know it.” While that’s up for you to decide, they do indeed hawk an impressive line of unique canned libations, each one named for what they’re proposed to help you do, depending on your goal for a hot day whether Think, Hustle, Restore and Relax. Each flavor proudly displays its wellness-focused ingredients in can’t-miss-it font right on the can (including ginger, turmeric, reishi, and lion’s mane) and tastes like a spiked-up kombucha- but way more delicious. Not only that, Pulp’s lines are populated with 6 billion CFUs probiotics and (just in time for the Pandemic!) promises to both boost immunity and zap stress (thanks to its botanical adaptogens).


Pulp Culture flavors, cans on white

Pulp Culture

For liquor lovers to pair with food: Spirits Lab Vodka and Bourbon

Just north of New York City, in the city of Newburgh, lies The Spirits Lab which proudly hawks small batch spirits produced utilizing New York-grown grains and botanicals. The resulting liquors are luscious quality whether their own or sharing a glass with a mixer. If you’re the kind of sipper who pairs burgers with vodka sodas, their gluten-free Spirits Lab Vodka is the perfect companion. Not only is it distilled seven times, but the vodka is triple filtered with local diamonds. And for a nightcap, a bourbon using their Bull’s Head Bourbon (aged for four years and made from corn, wheat and malted barley) is so silky smooth and bursting with flavor, you’ll want to enjoy it neat.


Spirits Lab Vodka and Bourbon

Spirits Lab Vodka and Bourbon

For cider sippers who want to chill: 101 Cider

Named after the famed west coast roadway, 101 Cider is craft cider reimagined. Hawking a host of delectable all-natural flavors (including cactus rose, guava and a blend of passion fruit, dandelion and yerba mate), the Los Angeles-based company also locally sources all of their herbs. In other words, it’s like a refreshing drive down the 101… in a can.


101 Cider House

101 Cider House

For barbequing campers who love G&Ts: Gray Whale Gin

Packaged in a smooth baby blue bottle, the idea to launch Gray Whale Gin was first hatched during a camping trip to California’s famed Big Sur when its founders spotted an actual whale in the midst of a majestic journey by the shore. The resulting gin was cooked up in honor of a typical Gray Whale’s 12,000 mile Pacific Ocean migration path, using everything from limes hailing from Baja California to the south to sea kelp to Mendocino to the north.


Gray Whale Gin

Gray Whale Gin

For wine lovers looking to cool down with a chilled glass: Good Clean Wine

Whether sipped on its own or in a cocktail (Negroni Sbagliato, anyone?), Good Clean Wine is here to help save summer 2020 with their refreshing line of wines which promises minimal-to-none additives and sulfites. To top it off, each ‘good, clean’ bottle (they produce red, white, rose’ and spumante varieties) are made using European grapes grown sans pesticides… as if you needed another reason to knock one back.


Good Clean Wine

Good Clean Wine

For partiers seeking travel-friendly booze: NEFT Vodka

Sure, NEFT’s list of attributes includes being made with Austrian spring water and four ancient rye grains are amazing, but it’s the packaging that really makes this particular vodka brand work for summertime. The small-batch liquor comes in a super travel-friendly sleek black container which promises that your vodka will stay perfectly cold for up to six hours, whether you’re kicking back by the pool or sprawled out on the beach. In addition, the barrel is indestructible… much like your summer party plans.

Neft Vodka Barrels, on white background

Neft Vodka Barrels

For those who like to pair tropical drinks with rich history: La Adelita Tequila

There is nothing more refreshing than a tropical drink on a sunny day. Cue La Adelita Tequila which has the capability to make all of your tropical dreams come true. Taking its name from the women who led female fighters in the midst of the Mexican Revolution, the company’s lineage stretches back to 1885. The five distinctive types of La Adelita are hand-picked in Los Altos, Jalisco, and double distilled in a 100-year-old Cuban copper pot, only to be finished off with an aging process in American whisky casks. The result is pure quality, perfect for La Adelita on its own or in any kind of tropical libation whether a Margarita or Tequila Sunrise.

La Adelita Family

La Adelita Family