If you’ve spent any time day drinking during the last year or so, you’ve probably come across the incredibly on-trend sipper made for sunny brunches and summertime people-watching: the Aperol Spritz.

But after many months of endless Instagram shots of people toasting wine glasses full of the coral-red bubbly stuff, cocktail enthusiasts may find themselves eager for an alternative, for another Mediterranean spirit with herbal undertones to pair with some ice cubes and a float of Prosecco. And if you count yourself among this group, we’ve got a (not-at-all) new libation for you to meet: Strega.

An Italian liqueur first developed in the mid-19th century, Strega contains herbaceous notes from mint, fennel, and—most noticeably—saffron, which also provides its yellow hue. It’s bolder than Aperol and bears similarities to Yellow Chartreuse, but it also possesses a gentle sweetness that balances its pronounced flavors. While traditionally considered a digestif, Strega’s unique taste profile lends itself to cocktails designed to enjoy throughout the day, like Anne’s Warp Whistle, a new creation by Jeremy Allen of MiniBar Hollywood.

Anne's Warp Whistle cocktail with garnish on table

Anne’s Warp Whistle

Anne’s Warp Whistle

By Jeremy Allen (MiniBar Hollywood, Los Angeles)

“This recipe is super easy and super delicious for home. The obvious standout for Strega is the saffron, but we like to play with the cinnamon [notes], so we use hibiscus, and then add bubbles from Italy to keep it spritely and celebratory. If your crew is a little more seasoned and serious about booze, there’s always room for a splash of gin in there, too.”
– Jeremy Allen


  • 1 oz. Strega
  • .75 oz. Hibiscus Tea
  • float of Prosecco
  • Green Herbs, Such as Mint, Basil, or Oregano (for Garnish)

Preparation: Fill a glass with ice. Add Strega and hibiscus tea, stir, then fill the remainder of the glass with Prosecco. Garnish with green herbs.