The new semi-sweet, semi-sparkling Stella Pink Aluminum is flirty, fun and understated.

Stella Rosa’s 8 1/2 oz. aluminum single-serves serve the purpose for wine anytime. They’re easy to carry, easy to pack, easy to drink, look stylish, and can go anywhere with you. Stella Rosa aluminum single-serve wine comes in three different flavors; Black, Platinum, and now Pink, at a suggested retail price of $4.99.

Stella Rosa Pink Aluminum Bottle

Stella Rosa Pink Aluminum Bottle

From within the tasting rooms of San Antonio Winery, customers repeatedly requested a sweeter, light, refreshing wine. The Riboli family took this unique opportunity to create a new semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine style, which today, they are a leader of. And so, Stella Rosa was born.

Stella Rosa was created 14 years ago by California’s Riboli Family, now celebrating 100 years of award-winning winemaking.

“We wanted to fill a void in the wine industry with an easy-to-drink semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine. We created a wine perfect for the new wine consumer, and they responded.”
– Steve Riboli, Vice President

It quickly became America’s favorite wine in its category. Stella Rosa is the number one imported Italian wine in the United States and the second fastest growing brand among the top 30 wine brands nationwide[1].

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[1] Nielsen data (Total US xAOC; 52 w/e 12-31-2016)