An Inspiring Summit Devoted to Supporting the Advancement of Women, Fairness and Equality for All in the Spirits Trade and Hospitality Community.

The Spirit Forward Bacardi Women In Leadership Empowerment Series, kicking off February, 2018, is dedicated to championing the outstanding individuals that make up the spirits trade and hospitality community and elevating them to their highest potential. This empowerment summit will bring together powerful, inspiring speakers to offer enriching personal and professional educational seminars, energizing Q&A panels, networking opportunities, hands-on workshops, plus much more for the spirits trade community across the country.

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“Now more than ever, we can all appreciate the power of community and how interdependent we truly are. This Series is borne out of Bacardi’s desire to bring women (and men) from all parts of the spirits and hospitality industries together to not only educate, inspire, celebrate and motivate each other, but also to activate and accelerate the development and advancement of all women in our industry. By being true champions of women in the spirits trade and hospitality community, we help to create a more sustainable future for all.”
– Marlene Gordon, Vice President, General Counsel for Bacardi North America and Global Lead for Bacardi’s Women in Leadership Initiative

The Spirit Forward Bacardi Women In Leadership Empowerment Series will cover thought-provoking topics that span sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, to motivating story sessions on breaking stigmas and workshops on financial planning and self-defense. Each of these sessions will be led by prestigious speakers, dynamic industry professionals, as well as peers from members of the hospitality industry, including brand ambassadors from the Bacardi Trade Advocacy team, President of the United States Bartender’s Guild Pamela Wiznitzer, Founder and President of Financial Gym Shannon McLay, Best-Selling Author and Life Coach Trish Barillas, and President of Bacardi North America Pete Carr, to name a few.

Dana Cowin, the former Editor-in-Chief of Food & Wine Magazine, current Chief Creative Officer of Chef’s Club International, and longtime advocate for gender equality and women empowerment, has been chosen as the summit’s keynote speaker. A passionate and active champion of women’s rights and fairness, this global issue is something Dana holds dear to her heart and is excited to be supporting alongside Bacardi and the spirits trade and hospitality community.

“The commitment to supporting and empowering women is more important than ever. It is imperative that we all, men and women alike, work together to help inspire positive change and work toward equality on all levels. I am enormously excited to be a part of this summit for the hospitality and spirits trade community, a family of outstanding individuals that I am so honored to be a part of and dedicated to.”
– Dana Cowin, Chief Creative Officer of Chef’s Club International

A five-city tour around the U.S. starting in Houston on February 12 and culminating in New York City on April 3, the Spirit Forward Bacardi Women In Leadership Empowerment Series will bring the tools, solutions, relationships and know how needed to help inspire and unleash the potential and further advancement of women in the spirits and hospitality industries, directly to each city. The first summit in Houston will be held at the Hotel Zaza Museum, and along with trailblazing national female participants who are on the road for the series, local Texas industry speakers and presenters featured include Jessica Sanders, Alba Huerta and Bobby Heugel.

Join more than 100 professionals and leaders, as well as partners Speed Rack and PUNCH, on the tour as they come together to celebrate and empower women in the spirits and hospitality industry. Open to all interested individuals, the cost for admission is $40 with a portion of the proceeds donated to Dress for Success, a non-for-profit charity dedicated to helping those less fortunate find success in the workforce and beyond.

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