Sebago Lake Distillery has announced that its Spider Island Rum has won a coveted gold medal at the 2018 Artisan Spirits Awards.

Sebago Lake Distillery is the dream of five long-time friends who opened their own distillery, energized by Maine’s long and storied history of rum production. Spider Island Rum is the team’s dark amber, molasses-based rum blended with aromatics. Artisan Award judges describe Spider Island Rum as “Dark Rum, bold molasses and caramel flavors, smooth, perfect for sipping neat.”

“Spider Island Rum, like all of our handcrafted rums, is 100% pot distilled in small batches using only the finest, all natural and gluten free ingredients. Each step of the process—mashing, fermenting and distilling—is undertaken from scratch right here at the distillery. There are no fancy column stills or electronic controls—every valve is turned by hand and every batch is tasted and refined to perfection. We’re making exceptional rums that are approachable for those who don’t generally drink their spirits neat but complex and interesting enough for experienced whiskey drinkers.”
– Dan Davis, Sebago Lake Distillery’s Co-Founder and Head Distiller

Spider Island Rum, bottle with award on white

Spider Island Rum

Artisan Awards is an annual competition that showcases spirits from around the world, made in the traditional way, by people who truly love what they do—craftsmen, creating rare, handmade, organic, single barrel products that keep consistency year after year. Artisan Awards employs experts in each category to judge through blind tastings of each product submitted.

“We believe the passion that we have shared since our dream first took shape is evident in every drop of Sebago Lake Rums. We are honored that the Artisan Awards recognize this passion and dedication in our Spider Island Rum. Winning a gold medal is a testament to our commitment to consistently producing and delivering outstanding rums.”
– Dan Davis

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