The ‘50s was for Martinis what the ‘80s was for Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.

But long gone are the Good Houskeeping days of yore when dutiful wives greeted their husbands at the door with a pair of house slippers and a freshly shaken stiff one. Or when men posted up proudly behind their wet bar during parties, offering through clouds of smoke to make his guests whatever their hearts desired.

Oppressive subjugation and lung cancer aside, there’s something about the effort put forth into mixing a classic Martini back in the ‘50s that’s truly laudable. Nowadays, what with all of the lady jobs, there’s just not enough time to prepare our men a solid drink.  And really, parties are only fun when they’re someone else’s responsibility.  But Karen Haines, Founder of Spa Girl Cocktails, has found a hack. Haines has devised a way to “take your drink from ordinary to glam in one pour.”

Spa Girl Cocktails, cans, packaging on white

Spa Girl Cocktails

The consummate hostess, Karen is known for the famed parties she and her husband preside over at their Palm Springs home. She says, “For decades I’ve been throwing parties for my friends and family, and I always make a signature drink or cocktail. A few years ago when ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages like Margaritas and lemonades hit the market, I realized that a Martini cocktail was missing, one that was not only ready-to-drink out of the bottle, but high-proof, low calorie, and delicious!”

Launched in 2017, Spa Girl recently welcomed entrepreneur Alisa Marie Beyer into the role of CEO.  “With Alisa’s guidance, we are now expanding rapidly in the US and globally, forging a celebrity cocktail partnership, finalizing our portion-perfect can offerings and working to bring one of the industry’s first CBD oil-infused RTD cocktails to market,” adds Ms. Haines.

Haines says, “Modern cocktail culture is rich and diverse, and the growing and enthusiastic audience for ready-to-drink beverages, which is mostly female, is seeking advances in mixology and offerings that let them host their most beautiful life without the added pressure of worrying about calories or unhealthy ingredients.”

Alisa Beyer, black and white portrait

Alisa Beyer

When asked about the cumbersome, spill-averse nature of the traditional Martini glass, Haines says, “I am a firm believer in serving a cocktail in a beautiful glass and in particular, I love Martini glasses, especially the old, vintage coupes. Over the years I’ve probably collected hundreds and I regularly use them for dinner with family, when we have more formal parties… even on the regular Monday night after work when it’s just us at home! Every cocktail should feel like a celebration so I say use those Martini glasses and enjoy.”

Spa Girl offers Spa (Cucumber) Martini Vodka and Pear Martini Vodka. At 16.5% ABV and 48 calories per serving, over 1,000 locations carry the brand, which sells for around $20 per 750ml bottle.

Currently Spa Girl Cocktails CEO Alisa Beyer managed to coordinate a major business shift from bottles to cans with her key partners to survive during COVID-19, serve her customers’ needs, and save her team members’ jobs.

As the crisis was coming full throttle, Alisa had the foresight to quickly pivot and managed to secure 1.5 million aluminum cans (U.S.-based Ball Aluminum) and have he distillery partner (LeVecke Wine, Beer & Spirits) start filling cans instead of bottles to meet a new need. In addition, Southern Glacier (her sales company) introduced her to a new distribution partner (, which expanded Spa Girl Cocktails reach to 44 states now all by April 1st.

Alisa reflects, “In times of deep crisis, and this is one of the hardest I’ve managed, you have to ask yourself, what is my job now as the CEO? First, it’s to save the company, which in turn saves the jobs. For me that means being the conduit between the outside world and the inside world, and making the right decisions based on knowledge of both.”


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