Sobieski Vodka has launched a new bottle design that aims to reposition the brand as the perfect choice for those who do not want to pretend, who are seeking ‘real’ moments.

In determining the direction for Sobieski, brand owner Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits conducted consumer research across countries to find common threads of ‘what’s important’ in modern day life.

“What quickly became obvious is that young adults today feel very pressurized by the messages they are bombarded with from news and social media channels. What united them, wherever they came from, was the importance of moments with friends where they could be true to themselves and each other. Where they did not have to be something or someone they are not.” It is for those moments that the new look Sobieski is made—a truly authentic vodka for moments of truth.
– Nicolas Guillant, CEO

Sobieski Vodka Launches New Bottle Design, bottle on white

Sobieski Vodka New Bottle Design

The credentials behind the new look are Sobieski’s true and genuine origins—Distilled in Poland, 100% Polish Pure Rye vodka, named after Jan III Sobieski, true Polish heroe in the 17th century.

“There is no fairytale story or marketing hype about Sobieski; it’s simply top quality Rye vodka distilled in Poland. In a time when ‘truth’ seems hard to come by, when fake news is the new normal, when we feel it is risky to let down our guard, those moment with real friends when we can be true to ourselves are becoming incredibly important. Those precious times at home with friends we trust, enable us to recharge and return to our daily lives refreshed with positive vibes.”
– Nicolas Guillant

To deliver these messages, the new bottle is a dramatically simple monolithic shape, with an engraved synoptic along the base that graphically captures the essence of Jan III Sobieski’s life story. Central to the synoptic is the Lion—referring to his nickname ‘The Lion of Poland’—while other elements include his dates of birth and death, a mounted knight representing his bravery as a warrior, a quill to show his talent as a poet, a heart for his 30 year love affair with his wife Marie Casimir, a shield to resemble a constellation named after him, and an otter and lynx—animals which he domesticated during his reign.

The simplicity of the bottle shape and the elegant synoptic engraving are brought together by a bold and assertive logo: a strong red background with white lettering using a solid, confident type-face to push home the ‘honest, no-pretence’ message. A repeat of the brand synoptic in silver embellishes the top of the label.

Of course it is not just about the look, but the quality of the spirit. Distilled in Poland, Sobieski is a 100% pure rye Polish vodka with an authentic, rich taste and silky finish thanks to the high quality of the rye grain used in its production. It has seen continuous growth since its international launch in 2001 and has received many prestigious awards including a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits competition in 2016.

Before launching this new packaging, market research was conducted to validate acceptance with consumers. A quantitative methodology approach was chosen in order to insure a robust and accurate evaluation. Exceptional results were received, showing a strong uplift in overall liking, image, and purchase intent, amongst Sobieksi consumers and non consumers. This reinforces the growth potential of Sobieski in the US.

Sobieski was launched in the US in 2007 and was the fastest growing vodka to reach 1M cases within 4 years.

Today, Sobieski holds a strong position in the vodka market and is the #1 Rye Vodka in the US. The brand is distributed across the country and offers a wide range of sizes and flavors meeting today’s consumer needs.

The high quality of the brand is reflected in the numerous awards that it continues to receive annually in global competitions like the Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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