There are people who enjoy beer and then there are beer lovers.

There’s nothing better than kicking your feet up and cracking open a cold one after a long day. Last year, many craft breweries were affected by the pandemic. Despite all, brewers have created a way to keep consumers coming back for more and more. Whether you fancy a bitter and hoppy IPA or a light and hazy brew, these are trends you’ll want to know.

Here are some trends to keep an eye out for in 2021.

Different Types of Beer

Different Types of Beer

Sour Beer

Sour beers get their taste from organic acids that are produced by the naturally occurring bacteria. Because of their distinctive flavors, even avid beer drinkers are eager to drink them. Even people who normally don’t enjoy beer, often opt for a sour because of the sweet yet tart and sour flavor. Sour beer sales have gone up in recent years and now many breweries are hopping on the trend.

IPA is all the Rage 

IPA’s have become more and more popular as years go on. However, by the end of 2021, they’re going to be everywhere. People are drawn to that strong hoppy flavor and higher alcohol content. There will be more fruit-forward and citrus flavors.

Low & No ABV Beer

Mocktails aren’t the only things taking over. More and more brands are releasing non-alcoholic beer for those who want to be health conscious. While this trend might not be for everyone, having the option to have a drink without having to risk not having a safe ride home or an unpleasant next day.

Hard Seltzers

Hard seltzers were not just a phase — they are here to stay. As seltzers are released, breweries are finding more of a threat to a light beer because they are often 100 calories or less. Innovation in the market will continue to grow because the range of flavors, low-calorie options, packaging, and cocktail-inspired drinks are endless.

Outdoor Breweries 

With inside seating limited, having outdoor spaces will be essential for breweries’ success in 2021. No matter the temperature or season, there will be outdoor options available. These outdoor venues could include heat lamps, fire pits, beer gardens, and more. They will become the norm from now on.

Beer more Accessible 

We are already seeing this trend take off! Apps like Drizly and Tavour have made buying beer even easier than before. Both deliver beer and/or wine and liquor to your door. Basically, it’s the Postmates for alcohol. Restaurants and breweries are also including QR codes for ordering food and drinks. This makes for limited contact.