Creating a minimalist back-bar helps improve profits and efficiency, and when using Monin, no quality is lost.

Using their line can help streamline your process with the help of high-quality mixes and ingredient simplification.

Efficiency and consistency are two of the most important traits for any bar to master, and having the right ingredients can make the process much easier. One of the reasons we love using Monin products behind the bar is that they have a full range that helps bars of all sizes get drinks made consistently and quickly.

To learn more about the ways the brand helps behind the bar, we caught up with Andrew Pollard, Beverage Innovation Director at Monin.

Andrew Pollard, Beverage Innovation Director at Monin

Andrew Pollard, Beverage Innovation Director at Monin

Monin syrups allow bars to simplify their back bar without losing quality – can you share a little about how Monin has developed its line? 

Monin has developed each product in our offering with the customer in mind. We fill every bottle with the highest quality ingredients, and with each new flavor, we intend to diversify our offering further to deliver the best experience for the end-user. Superb flavors, sleek appearance, quality, consistency, and versatility are just a few examples of why Monin Gourmet Flavorings is the go-to category champion.

Can you share a little about how Monin’s packaging design allows for consistent and efficient pours? 

Keeping the customer in mind, the Monin packaging design offers several benefits. Specifically, with storage and utilization, its slim body line makes for easy packing and storage on a back bar or speed rail. Ergonomically, these bartender-friendly syrups and purée bottles offer an extended neck to accommodate different pouring styles, high flow rate, and balanced weight distribution for free pouring or for using a pour spout. Also, our tailored bottle pumps make it simple to manage cost and consistency, whether using our sauces, syrups, or concentrated flavors.

The line has a wide range of flavors and products – can you share a few that you think are the most essential for different bars: think a dive bar, cocktail lounge, wine bar? 

Whether you are looking to deliver the ‘basics at its best’ or you want to ‘innovate to the extreme,’ Monin offers something for everyone and everything in between. Core ingredients are essential; however, they are often overlooked. Monin carriers premium Pure Cane Syrup, Agave Nectar, Honey Sweetener, and Grenadine/Pomegranate Syrup (true grenadine) that are standards in daily bar use. These foundational flavors/ingredients are of the utmost importance as they are used typically at the highest frequency.

Flavor champions such as Chocolate, Vanilla, Blackberry, Watermelon, and tropical fruit flavors are vital on menus when looking to establish familiarity while also creating multi-dimensional recipes. Innovation is a part of the DNA at Monin, and there’s also a vast selection of exotic flavor combinations that are a nice and easy way to add adventure and individuality to a menu. With consumer propensity high right now to explore and try new things, flavors such as Golden Turmeric, Exotic Citrus, Lavender Lemon, and Honey Jasmine are quickly becoming favorites.

Monin Syrups

Monin Syrups

One of the many benefits of your products is that many don’t need to be refrigerated and have a long shelf life – can you share about how this benefits bartenders and why you chose to formulate your lines in this way. 

As our industry evolves, bars and cafes continue to outgrow themselves. With more and more new products offered every day, operators are continuously tasked with managing inventories and profitability, much of which comes from efficiencies. What’s great is that with Monin syrups, bartenders and operators have flexibility when it comes to storage. They don’t have to worry as much about shelf-life, and they can quickly realize cost savings, which is important behind the bar.

One of the best ways to streamline the bar process is to use mixers for common drinks, can you share a little about Monin’s mixer collection, which is your favorite & why, how was the collection planned out, can you share a few of the benefits to your mixers.

Time is money, and in today’s landscape, it has never been more critical. Reductions in labor and operating hours while upholding quality and integrity can be challenging to manage. The answer, Monin HomeCrafted Cocktail Mixers. This offering delivers high-quality, consistent drinks in minimal time and with little training. This range is, hands down, some of the best mixer options that have been on the market in a while. Our team did a great job identifying three of the best and most resonant varietals for our customer base, and we have seen excellent traction and feedback around this trio of Margarita Mix, Mai Tai and Dragon Fruit Cosmo. This makes craft cocktails a cinch, and all that is needed is one single spirit—nothing else. So, low labor, low cost and minimal room for error —all while delivering an exceptional, consistent cocktail.