Anchor Distilling Company has been chosen as the exclusive U.S. distributor for the country’s premier shrub producer, Shrub & Co. Popular in colonial times as a means for preserving fruit, Shrubs are slightly sour cordials made with fruit, cane sugar, vinegar and aromatics.

With the powerful resurgence of craft cocktails, these drinking vinegars have joined the canon of modifiers used to develop modern classic cocktails. Through an increase in distribution including the expansion of Shrub & Co. into new markets, Anchor Distilling is focused on elevating national interest in these ingredients while continuing to positively impact drinks culture.

“Anchor Distilling is dedicated to partnering with authentic brands that fulfill a unique role in this exciting revival of cocktail culture. We are thrilled to grow the Shrub & Co. presence while providing bartenders and consumers with access to these high-quality cocktail modifiers. As non-ABV ingredients that can be used in traditional and low- or zero-proof cocktails, Shrub & Co. adds an interesting and new dimension to our portfolio.”
– Dennis Carr, President and CEO, Anchor Distilling

Shrub & Co. Range of bottles on white

Shrub & Co. Range

Shrub & Co. founders, husband and wife team Juan Garcia and Deborah Marskey, were originally inspired to create their own shrubs in 2012, after reading the seminal Jerry Thomas’ Bartenders Guide, originally published in 1862. Now the Berkeley, CA-based company is the largest national shrub brand in the U.S. The Shrub & Co. range, featuring only non-GMO or certified organic products, includes: Spicy Ginger, Organic Blood Orange, Organic Red Grapefruit and Organic Yucatan Honey. Seasonal fall flavors Apple and Douglas Fir-Infused Cranberry are also available for distribution. Peach and Strawberry will be available in 2018. All eight Shrub & Co. products have a suggested retail price of $21.99.

The Shrub & Co. range is available for distribution in major markets nationwide. For more information, email

Shrub & Co. now offers eight products with four available all year-round. For more information, visit and