RNDC now distributing the lifestyle brand’s new lager in Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami markets.

Lifestyle brand Salt Life has announced the launch of Salt Life Lager, now available in Florida stores. RNDC is distributing Salt Life Lager, initially into the Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami markets, with plans to distribute statewide in the coming months. Salt Life Lager is crisp and refreshing with a 4.5% ABV, 17 IBU and a 4-5 on the Lovibond® color scale.

“Salt Life Lager is the perfect accompaniment to the Salt Life lifestyle. We’re not just an apparel brand. Salt Life embodies the lifestyle of people who love to be on the water, whether it’s surfing, diving, paddle boarding or enjoying a day on the lake. We’ve developed a superior product and can’t wait for people to try it.”
– Jeff Stillwell, Salt Life President

Salt Life Lager

Salt Life Lager

Salt Life continues to expand with new retail stores in Huntington Beach, California, Columbus, Georgia, and Daytona Beach, Florida. The brand will debut its first ladies swimwear line at the 36th Annual SwimShow scheduled for July 14-17 in Miami, Florida. Salt Life has also signed several additions to Team Salt Life, an elite group of athletes and sportsmen who represent the best in surfing, fishing, diving and more.

Salt Life is an authentic, aspirational and lifestyle brand that embraces those who love the ocean and everything associated with living the “Salt Life.” Founded in 2003 by four avid watermen from Jacksonville Beach, Florida, the Salt Life brand has widespread appeal with ocean enthusiasts worldwide. From fishing, diving and surfing, to beach fun and sun-soaked relaxation, the Salt Life brand says, “I live the Salt Life.” Numerous professional athletes, sportsmen and other ambassadors in the fishing, surfing, diving, rock, pop and country music worlds have an alliance with the brand through cross-marketing partnerships.

The brand is visible in areas across the media, sports and popular culture landscapes, including music videos, national tour sponsorships, fishing and outdoors-related television shows, professional auto-racing events, the Netflix series “Bloodline,” and Salt Life’s popular YouTube channel. From its first merchandise offerings in 2006, Salt Life has grown with distribution in surf shops, specialty stores, department stores and sporting goods retailers.

Salt Life products are also available to consumers at SaltLife.com and at Salt Life’s various branded retail stores, including recently opened locations in Huntington Beach, California, Columbus, Georgia, and Daytona Beach, Florida. The brand’s flagship store is located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, where the term “Salt Life” was coined over 15 years ago.