Responds to Demands of Craft Beer Community, Plans Celebration at Houston’s Beer Can House.

Lawnmower and Santo Beer

Lawnmower and Santo Beer

Responding to strong customer demand, Saint Arnold Brewing Co., the oldest craft brewery in Texas, started rolling out cans for the first time. Cans of the brewery’s two top-selling year-round beers – Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower Beer and Santo – will begin showing up this week wherever Saint Arnold is sold.

Saint Arnold recently completed installing its canning line that features a 20-head filler and can package up to 160 cans per minute. Starting in April, Saint Arnold Summer Pils will become the first of the brewery’s popular seasonal offerings to be offered in cans.

“We are excited about commissioning our state-of-the-art canning line which we have successfully shoehorned in between our kegging and bottling lines. I’m personally looking forward to being able to enjoy cans of our beer on the beach, while floating the river – where legal, of course – or by the pool.”
– Saint Arnold Founder/Brewer, Brock Wagner

To celebrate its new beer can era, Saint Arnold will invite the craft beer community to visit Houston’s iconic Beer Can House on Saturday, March 14th. More than 50,000 beer cans adorn the house at 222 Malone Street in Houston, which has become a folk art monument. The event, which runs from noon to 5:00 p.m., will support the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art’s restoration activities. Watch the video below.

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