Portion of Proceeds from Sales of Saint Arnold Ale Wagger to Support Animal Welfare Efforts


Saint Arnold Ale Wagger

Saint Arnold Brewing Co., the oldest craft brewery in Texas, today announced it has teamed with the San Antonio Humane Society to support its treatment, rehabilitation, adoption and education efforts. The partnership is part of the Saint Arnold Ale Wagger project, which donates a portion of proceeds from the sale of Saint Arnold Ale Wagger to support animal welfare programs.

“The San Antonio Humane Society is pleased to partner with Saint Arnold Brewing Company and we couldn’t be happier to have their support in protecting and improving the lives of dogs and cats,” said Nancy Najim, President and CEO of the San Antonio Humane Society. “We appreciate Saint Arnolds efforts to offer their support locally, as we continue to provide shelter, care, adoption, rescue, spay and neuter programs, and community education to Bexar County and its surrounding areas. The average cost per pet awaiting adoption at the San Antonio Humane Society is $545, including adoption preparation and general pet care, so we look forward to putting the funds provided by Saint Arnold from the sales of Ale Wagger to good use.”

The San Antonio Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill organization that has served the area since 1952.

“Animals as well as the community at large receive so many benefits from the San Antonio Humane Society’s work sheltering, medically treating and rehabilitating approximately 5,000 animals per year,” said Saint Arnold Founder/Brewer Brock Wagner. “With five rescue animals in our house, this is a very personal issue for me and my family. We appreciate the opportunity to support the San Antonio Humane Society’s efforts to educate the community about the importance of responsible pet ownership. Ale Wagger is just part of our commitment to working on this issue in every community in which Saint Arnold is involved.”

Saint Arnold Ale Wagger is a deep copper brown ale. It has a full, malty body with hints of chocolate, a touch of sweetness and a light hop flavor. Five different types of malts combine to create a complex malt character. It has a rich, creamy head with a fine lace. The light fruitiness, characteristic of ales, is derived from Saint Arnold’s proprietary yeast strain.

Over the years, the beer has been recognized among the best brown ales in the world. Some of the awards have included a Bronze Medal in the English-Style Brown Ale category at the 2003 Great American Beer Festival, a Silver medal in the American Brown Ale category at the 1996 World Beer Cup, and Silver Medals in the Brown Ale category at the World Beer Championships in 1998 and 1996.

For more information on Saint Arnold’s eight year-round and five seasonal beers as well as root beer, log on to SaintArnold.com.