Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum continues their support of tattoo artists with a #SupportYourArtist campaign.

After service industries across the board took a hit through the pandemic, Sailor Jerry has been working to help one sector near to its heart and history––tattooing. Inspired by the legacy of tattoo artist and muse for the brand, Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, the rum brand has launched a global social media campaign to support top traditional tattoo parlors as voted by consumers.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the brand began the #SupportYourArtist campaign across social media and found ways to support struggling tattoo artists. The brand bought tattoos from out-of-work artists and partnered with tattoo supply maker King Pin to distribute $80,000 worth of supplies as shops reopened. In this new continuation of the program, consumers worldwide can vote for their favorite shop bringing them publicity and a chance to win a custom-built Plinko board and a care package from Sailor Jerry and Tiger Spit Balm.

If you are wondering, a Plinko board is a game of chance where a brave individual shoots a puck through a board to choose a random flash tattoo.

“As a company through William Grant & Son’s StandFast initiative, we’ve looked to support the bar community through the pandemic.”
Sailor Jerry Global Brand & Cultural Ambassador, Gemma Kane

“As a brand, we also wanted to remember and support the tattoo community, as so much of our heritage is tied up in keeping alive the legacy of Norman Sailor Jerry Collins through the work he continues to inspire today. We’re in it for the long haul and forever thinking of creative ways to help creators get back on their feet and drum up trade post-pandemic. The Plinko project is a fun way to bring together both tattoo fans and support tattoo artists while shining a light on the great work that they do. And we think letting fate decide what ink you get is the kind of whole-assed fun Norman would have approved of.”

Phil DeAngulo with Sailor Jerry Plinko at Memorial Brooklyn Tattoo

Phil DeAngulo with Sailor Jerry Plinko at Memorial Brooklyn Tattoo

Renowned Plinko artist Cristain Roldan was commissioned to make each plinko to spec. Each winning tattoo shop will receive one of the custom-built boards hand-painted with traditional Sailor Jerry Designs and the shop’s logo in the center. Roldan shared, “It was a great pleasure to trace with my brush the strokes of Sailor Jerry’s designs. I will always be grateful to have taken part in this project giving back to the tattoo & creative communities of the world.