Reyka vodka is as well known for its pure, elegant flavor, thanks to its pure Icelandic water, as it is for its breezy sense of humor.

At Tales of the Cocktail 2015, the Reyka “vending machine” showed up in the Hotel Monteleone lobby at midnight, offering late night revelers both tasty and amusing “gifts” including Icelandic chocolates and sub sandwiches. Now, under the guidance of their parent company William Grant & Sons, they have released a collection of clever and irreverent sound bite videos called “Tricks of the Trade.”

While a brand’s success relies on customer appreciation, it is even more tied to the enthusiasm of the bartenders who use the product. Thus, “Tricks of the Trade” is geared primarily to bartenders, with the expectation of a trickle down to consumers. The six videos, which will be sent out over various social media platforms, include tongue-in-cheek vignettes of bartending magic.

Wondering how to spear fruit? Watch William Grant Brand Ambassador Charlotte Voisey magically create a Bloody Mary skewer in “Garnish Greatly”. What to make your own ice? Fellow ambassador Trevor Schneider shows himself to be a mixological magician as he taps an ice block with a metal toothpick and it shatters into perfect cubes in “Sword Play.”

View All Six Videos below:







The message here is simple: Reyka vodka is both stylish and fun. Whether you are a magician or not, Reyka brings its own magic to the bar and the drinks.