As a bar owner in Oakland, California Allison Sadauskas is dealing with closure of all non-essential businesses, as is New York and several other states.

“My bars do not have kitchens so we are closed entirely,” shares Allison. “So, neither myself nor any of the twenty-two staff members I employ are currently working, unfortunately.”

Heart & Dagger Saloon, front entrance

Heart & Dagger Saloon

Allison is keeping busy right now with administrative work as well as actively trying to locate financial resources for herself and her staff. “My bars are named the Heart & Dagger Saloon and The Amplifier (both in Oakland),” says Allison. “I’m glad recent California liquor laws allow bars to sell beer, wine, and spirits to go! For the type of liquor license I own for both bars this means we cannot sell individual cocktails to go, rather everything must be in its original can or bottle packaging. We have opened a “Bottle Shop” at the Heart & Dagger Saloon, which is now open for a few hours every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, where we feature rare and difficult to find beer, wine, and bottle of spirits.”

She also has an eight-year-old child that she is home-schooling through all of this. “His routine helps keep me on a regular schedule,” she says. “We have a full school curriculum to get through daily. We also enjoy taking walks with our dog, doing yard work, cooking healthy meals at home, getting a full night of sleep every night, and trying my best to not let the stress get the better of me.”

Heart & Dagger Saloon, bottle shop advertisement

Heart & Dagger Saloon New Bottle Shop

Allison has set up a Fundrazr donation site, which folks can donate to. The monies raised there will be equally distributed amongst all the staff at Heart & Dagger Saloon and The Amplifier. This site will be up and running for the duration of the mandated closures. She has also applied for assistance with USBG, EDD Unemployment, Small Business Loans and the likes.

Her advice to her staff and other bartenders who have the means at this time is to become certified in online certifications like ServSafe, LEAD, and AB-1825 Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention Training.

Meet Chilled 100 Member Allison Sadauakas

A San Francisco East Bay Area native, Allison Sadauskas began her bartending career originally intending for a short-term means of paying for graduate school. Instead Allison’s passion for bartending has lasted for nearly two decades. Allison has been behind the bar at several notable Bay Area bars and restaurants before opening up her first bar, the Heart & Dagger Saloon in Oakland’s beautiful Lake Merritt neighborhood, with husband and co-owner, Erik. The pair opened their second bar, The Amplifier, in the thriving Uptown district of Oakland in late 2018. You can still catch her slinging drinks at both of her bars a few days a week. When not working (which is a rarity), Allison also enjoys spending time with her son as well as appreciating the abundance of live music and comedy the Bay Area has to offer.”

Heart & Dagger Saloon, owners, front door

Heart & Dagger Saloon