Quady Winery in Madera, California has unveiled updated labels and packaging for the 2018 vintage of its fastest growing brand, Electra and Red Electra Moscato.

Electra and Red Electra are often thought of as the “angel wines” by fans for the defining angel featured on the front label. Originally painted by Ardison Phillips, the angel is inspired by a likeness of Allison Quady, the daughter of owners Laurel and Andrew Quady. The updated label accentuates the artist’s vision of the Electra angel.

Quady Winery Electra Labels, bottles on ice

Quady Winery Electra Labels

“We’ve always viewed winemaking as a form of artistic expression, and we’ve held to that philosophy when making all of our wines. Updating our labels to highlight the artistry of the Electra angel illustrates that connection.”
Laurel Quady, Quady Winery Co-Owner and CFO

Quady Winery Electra Label

Quady Winery Electra Label

Quady’s Electra brand is growing rapidly, as it boasted more than 10 percent growth year over year and doubled in size over the course of the past five years. Andrew Quady attributes the brand’s success to the delicate flavors, intense aromas and intricate balance found in the Electra brands. These qualities, combined with unique packaging, have spurred the majority of growth for Quady Winery during the past decade.

Consumers will find the updated designs on the 2018 vintages of Electra and Red Electra Moscato, and bottling for these 2018 vintages has already begun. Electra and Red Electra are available at retailers nationwide, on the Quady Winery website and in the Quady Winery tasting room.