Independent Research Shows Brooklyn Brand Leads The Way In Rapidly Expanding Category.

IRI reports that Q’s range of premium mixers, which includes Spectacular Tonic, Indian Tonic, Grapefruit, Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, Club Soda, and Kola, grew more than 46 percent in the most recent 12-week period ending May 20, 2018. This represents a faster rate of growth than any other premium mixer line in America.

In a proprietary survey of U.S. bartenders released by Jefferies Group on June 22nd, 2018, Q was found to have the highest awareness of any premium mixer line, with awareness more than twice that of the next premium carbonated mixer brand.

As a category, Jefferies notes that premium carbonated mixers are poised to see dramatic, multi-billion-dollar growth in the coming years in the United States, mirroring a trend in Europe. Q’s position atop the premium carbonated mixer category in the U.S. puts it at the tip of the spear of an additional trend: according to Jefferies, 72 percent of U.S. bartenders now believe premium gin should be mixed with premium tonic water and 68 percent of US bartenders think consumers will pay extra for premium mixers.

Q Drinks Line-Up, featured image

Q Drinks Line-Up

“We’re right at the tipping point for the premium mixer category in the United States, and it is really exciting to be leading the charge. Every day, more bars, restaurants, and consumers realize that the mixer is 70 percent of a highball so it should have the same quality and sophistication as your spirit. The exact same thing happened in Europe about three years ago, when premium mixers hit 5 percent market share, it no longer was acceptable to serve yourself or someone else a good spirit with a lousy mixer.”
– Jordan Silbert, Founder and CEO of Q Drinks

Q carbonated mixers, first introduced by Silbert in 2007, can now be found in more than 11,000 on- and off-premise accounts in the U.S.

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