Q Drinks, a line of spectacular carbonated mixers founded by entrepreneur and gin & tonic enthusiast, Jordan Silbert, will introduce Q Indian Tonic Water as the newest offering in its line of spectacular cocktail mixers.

Q Indian Tonic Water is from the original Q Tonic Water in that it is purpose-built to perfectly complement juniper-forward London Dry gins. Along with this introduction, Q Drinks has refreshed its packaging for the full range, which includes Tonic Water, Club Soda, Kola, Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Grapefruit Soda, and now Indian Tonic Water, giving each its own unique personality and signifying colors. Q Indian Tonic Water officially launches today at QDrinks.com, and will roll out in markets across the country over the next couple of months.

A huge fan of gin and tonics, Jordan is always looking to improve his enjoyment of great gins. His original quest led him to create Q Tonic Water, and now he has made Q Indian Tonic Water, which is designed specifically for big, juniper-forward London Dry gins. While the original Q Tonic Water pairs well with subtler gins because it allows these subtleties to shine, Q Indian Tonic Water, as a more bitter and slightly sweeter tonic water, provides a better balance to stronger, more juniper-forward gins. The name Q Indian Tonic Water celebrates the original invention of tonic water, in India, by ingenious British officers who mixed quinine, their anti-malaria medicine, with gin, sugar and carbonated water. Soon this concoction, or tonic, was known as “Indian Tonic Water” throughout the British Empire to differentiate from the other “tonics” sold at the time.

Q Indian Tonic bottle

Q Indian Tonic

“The idea for Q Drinks was born in my backyard one summer night while drinking a few gin and tonics with friends. I looked around and realized that the gin was great, the company was terrific, but the tonic was horrible. I decided I needed to make a tonic that enhances great gins, rather than masking their subtleties. I started with Q Tonic Water, and now I am excited to share Q Indian Tonic Water with fellow gin lovers. It helps us all make new and tastier gin and tonics, and makes an excellent addition to our spectacular Q Drinks line.”
– Jordan Silbert, CEO and Founder of Q Drinks

Q Indian Tonic 4-Pack

Q Indian Tonic 4-Pack

Q Drinks also has refreshed the look and feel of its full range with new packaging in terms of both size and design. The new bottles are 6.7 ounces, (down from 9 ounces), a more appropriate size for a carbonated mixer, and feature a silkscreened design that is as striking and beautiful as the liquid the bottles hold. Traditional signature colors, for instance yellow for Q Tonic Water and green for Q Ginger Ale, better identify the products as mixers.

The new size and look will enhance what the company calls the “Spectacular Serve” – a rededication to the way highballs should be served, which calls for the Q Drinks bottle to be presented alongside a glass filled with ice and the guest’s choice of spirit and garnish, and is the standard of service in Europe. The new 6.7-ounce Q Drinks bottles will continue to be sold in 4-packs, but the suggested retail price will be reduced from $7.99 to $5.99.

“We now have a line of seven spectacular carbonated mixers, all carefully crafted to mix with great spirits,” added Jordan.

“The same care and passion that goes into the liquid is reflected in our new look, and the new size will better match cocktail proportions while reducing waste. Our 750ml bottles, also with the new look, are a great choice for larger parties.”

More information on Q Drinks and the portfolio of spectacular mixers can be found on the newly refreshed QDrinks.com.