A Transatlantic Collaboration: Irish Whiskey Finished in American Rye Barrels.

Prizefight, a new Irish whiskey from the creator of Hendrick’s Gin, Steven Grasse and Irish spirits innovator Flor Prendergast, officially launches in the New York and Boston markets.

Available in select bars and retailers in New York (Grand Army, Sunday in Brooklyn, Duke’s Liquor Box, and more), Boston (Café ArtScience, Lion’s Tail and more) and nationally through online retailer Warehouse Wines & Spirits, the transatlantic collaboration features whiskey from Ireland, finished in rye barrels from America. To bring the new brand to life, the two industry mavericks formed Pugilist Spirits to launch Prizefight Irish Whiskey, distilled in West Cork, Ireland and aged in rye barrels sourced by Grasse’s own experimental spirits lab, Tamworth Distilling in the U.S.

Prizefight Irish Whiskey, bottle and shots on dark back

Prizefight Irish Whiskey

Prizefight Irish Whiskey is a fresh, clean spirit with fruit and floral notes that gets a hint of spice from the rye cask finish. A blend of 10-year-old malt and 4-year-aged grain whiskeys, Prizefight gets its unique profile from a six month stint in American rye casks – setting the brand apart from traditional Irish whiskeys. The result is an incredibly complex blend: a smooth and mellow spirit that packs a punch but never burns.

Inspired by the Irish-American connection, the brand tells the incredible stories of the Irish who came to America and became the greatest fighters of their day. Each bottle commemorates the boxing legends who came with nothing and fought for everything. The bottle’s label immortalizes the fight between John Morrissey and Yankee Sullivan, which took place at Boston Corners, New York, on October 12, 1853. Two of the most famous Irish-born fighters of their day, both Morrissey and Sullivan ended up in New York, making their names in barroom brawls as well as well-publicized fights like this one, with over five thousand spectators.

Soft-launched on the East Coast at the end of last year, with limited availability in bars and retailers, Prizefight Irish Whiskey is now available throughout the New York and Boston area in association with the brand’s official launch in March, 2018. Prizefight Irish Whiskey is also widely available in Dublin, Ireland and will begin distribution in the Netherlands later in March.

For more information, visit PrizeFightWhiskey.com.