Taub Family Selections and Bodegas Callia are pleased to announce fresh, new packing for Callia Wines.

Produced in the San Juan region of Argentina, the Callia range includes a Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, and Torrontés, each crafted to showcase their enticing ripe fruit flavors. Callia’s philosophy is to produce wines that inspire the consumer to find some “me” time, take a break, and reward themselves for their daily efforts.

Callia Wines New Packaging

Callia Wines Nrew Packaging

The new Callia label design grants a modern, premium feel with its silver label, deep red capsule and bold brand logo. The variety is prominently featured at the center of each label for effortless consumer recognition. The new back label will also feature updated messaging in both English and Spanish.

The Callia range is line-priced with an SRP of $8.99/750ml. New packaging is available nationwide.

About Callia

Bodegas Callia was established in 2002 by the Pon family, owners of Bodegas Salentein. Situated in the Tulum Valley in Argentina’s province of San Juan, it encompasses 700 acres of land nestled between the Pie de Palo hills and the Cerro Chico Del Zonsa. At 2065 feet above sea level, the area is blessed by a temperate climate, low rainfall and rich sandy alluvial and clay loam soil, resulting in intensely fruity wines that reflect the rich terroir of this region. The winery’s goal is to produce the best wines in San Juan while respecting and supporting the people, nature and community from which their wines are created.

About Taub Family Selections

Taub Family Selections is a dynamic family-owned company that represents a portfolio of fine wines produced by highly-regarded winemaking families with deep, long-established roots. The portfolio centers on true terroir-driven expressions that are benchmarks from the most heralded wine regions of the world, including wineries from eight countries. The wines embody not only the terroir, but the passion and integrity of each family intimately involved from the vineyard to the table. For more visit: TaubFamilySelections.com.