Phenomenal Spirits is investing in its Whiskey futures by building inventory to seal nationally over the next five years.

Phenomenal Spirits spent the last few months winning the hearts and tastebuds of Whiskey enthusiasts nationwide with their distinct RY3 launch. The brand launched the unique spirit in October of 2020 and was met with such enthusiasm that they’ve since aggressively pursued securing stock. In an April press release the line announced that over the next 18 months they will investing in high-demand whiskey stock to enable them to scale production and meet growing demand over the next five years.

RY3 Bottle Shot

RY3 Whiskey

The RY3 line is a created from a blend of three carefully picked mash-bills, three beautiful whiskeys, and three age statements. The mixture is meticulously blended before being aged in vintage rum casks; the resulting spirit is smooth with layers of complex and fruity notes.

Founder and CEO of Phenomenal Spirits, Karthik Sudhir noted, “This extremely important investment reinforces Phenomenal Spirits’ commitment to the future growth and expansion of our RY3 Whiskey brand. The initial launch of RY3 in October  2020 has exceeded all expectations and is creating quite the buzz. Now is the time for us to invest in the future.

RY3 and casks

RY3 and casks

These extra aged  14 year whiskies, will allow us to continue to craft our proprietary RY3 blend to meet the exacting standards consumers and the trade have come to expect from RY3 and all of Phenomenal Spirits’ brands.” Adding, “High-end whiskey connoisseurs and enthusiasts are eager for new expressions that are complex yet beautifully balanced and fill an untapped need in their drinks repertoire. RY3 Whiskey fills that need perfectly. It is an exquisite blend of whiskies that offers drinkers an unparalleled sipping experience of silky-smooth rye with layers of fruity and complex notes from the rum cask finish.”