Leading U.S. wine & spirits importer, Palm Bay International, is pleased to announce a new range from Cantine Settesoli – a community of over 2,000 families of growers that have been crafting wines on Sicily’s Mediterranean coast for generations.

Located near Menfi, Sicily, Settesoli’s unique combination of vineyard soils, altitudes and exposures combine with cooling coastal breezes and the warmth of the Sicilian sun to produce wines with intense aromas and flavors that capture the heart and soul of Sicily.

New Range from Cantine Settesoli, bottles on white

New Range from Cantine Settesoli

The new range is 100% estate sourced and bottled and comprises both indigenous and international varieties, including Grillo, Nero d’Avola, Pinot Grigio and a Red Blend. Modern, eye-catching packaging further reinforces the wines’ story and provenance, featuring a bold sun image, map of Sicily, blue accents to represent the sea and sky and photos and quotes from individual growers on every bottle.

The Settesoli range is line priced at $11.99 and is currently rolling out nationwide. For more information, visit PalmBay.com.