Prestige Beverage Group has announced the launch of Nucano®, a traditionally made artisanal mezcal of exceptional quality.

This 100% artisanal mezcal is created in the heart of the Oaxaca region of Mexico by third and fourth-generation Maestro Mezcaleros, Don Arturo and his daughter Esther. Hand-crafted in small batches, with labels designed by local artists, Nucano Mezcal is at the crossroads of craft and culture.

Hand harvested in San Dionisio, the agave is roasted in a conical earth oven for five days before being pressed using a massive stone wheel pulled by a horse. The mash is fermented in large wooden vats that allow the wild yeast to work its magic. Finally, the mash is twice distilled in a small copper pot heated by direct wood fire.

Nucano is perfect for discriminating spirits drinkers and tequila fans looking to elevate their craft cocktails. Mezcal is currently enjoying a major boost in popularity and is one of the fastest-growing premium spirits categories, with shipments into the U.S. quadrupling over the last five years.

“We couldn’t be more excited to take part in introducing traditionally crafted mezcal to American audiences. Nucano is the perfect addition to any craft cocktail aficionado’s rotation.”
– Dan Whitmore, Senior Spirits Brand Manager at Prestige Beverage Group

Nucano Espadin Añejo, Joven, and Reposado, bottles on white

Nucano Espadin Añejo, Joven, and Reposado

Available in major markets starting April 2nd, 2018, Nucano comes in three unique age expressions, all crafted with traditional quality and care.

  • Nucano Espadin Añejo is aged 5 years and offers notes of agave, cherry, toasted nuts, vanilla, caramel, coffee, and smoky chocolate. Enjoy neat or on the rocks for a supreme sipping experience. 40% ABV, $60 SRP.
  • Nucano Espadin Joven has notes of agave, vanilla, and almond with a slightly smoky flavor, ideal for a spicy margarita. 45% ABV, $45 SRP.
  • Nucano Espadin Reposado is aged 12 months and has notes of agave, pineapple, citrus, jasmine, caramel, and smoked cinnamon, perfect for concocting a superlative Reposado Manhattan or Paloma. 40% ABV $50 SRP

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