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Novak Djokovic Star of Jacob's Creek New 'MadeBy' Film Series

Novak Djokovic Star of Jacob’s Creek New ‘MadeBy’ Film Series

Novak Djokovic (@djokernole), world number one tennis player and three-time consecutive Australian Open winner, and iconic Australian wine brand, JACOB’S CREEK (@jacobscreek), have released the new ‘Made By’ film series.

Unscripted and raw, the films show a side of Novak the world has perhaps not seen before. We see the real Novak, recounting the never before told life stories from Belgrade, Serbia, celebrating the people, places and passions that have made him the tennis champion he is today.

Titled ‘Made By Determination’, the documentary style film series takes viewers back to the beginning of Novak’s journey, from growing up in war-torn Serbia, to the dedication and commitment of his first coach Jelena Gencic, to his pivotal Grand Slam wins in the Australian Open and Wimbledon.

“Everything I experienced growing up has led me to become the person I am today. Creating the Jacob’s Creek ‘Made By’ film series has allowed me to tell my story, in my own words and share it with the world. My path to success has by no means been easy, but the people, places and passions that have shaped me are integral to my success. These films have given me the chance to acknowledge what I am made by.”
Djokovic commenting on the films at the Global Premiere, held in Melbourne, Australia last night

Novak Djokovic and Jacob’s Creek release ‘Made By’ films series

Novak Djokovic and Jacob’s Creek release ‘Made By’ films series

Derek Oliver, Global Marketing Director of Jacob’s Creek, said:”Novak’s ‘Made By’ story brings to life the authentic spirit that Jacob’s Creek celebrates.

Novak’s ‘Made By’ story is powerful, and the determination, dedication and effort he has put into his career is similar to the craft of our winemakers and the people behind Jacob’s Creek. Our partnership has been truly collaborative, working together to create a film series that celebrates authenticity, and that we are truly proud to take to the world”.

The ‘Made By’ films series has three chapters, Birthed by Serbia, Shaped by Jelena and Inspired by Dreams.

Birthed by Serbia

Being raised in war-torn Belgrade, Serbia, it was Novak’s family that kept him strong. All of the hardships he faced during these times taught him about strength, resilience and the importance of having a strong support network.

Shaped by Jelena

It was on tennis courts near his parents’ restaurant that Novak first met legendary tennis coach, Jelena Gencic. She saw a 5 year old Novak hanging on the court fence, watching as she trained kids from the Belgrade tennis camp and invited him in to have a hit. From that invitation to come and play, a tennis legend was born, and Jelena’s generosity, dedication and commitment still shapes the way Novak plays tennis.

Inspired by Dreams

In the final ‘Made By’ film, we see Novak passionately discuss his pivotal Grand Slam win in Wimbledon, the goal he is been aiming for since he first watched Pete Sampras win the tournament in 1993. It was this challenge that inspired Novak, as an aspiring tennis player, to make a replica Wimbledon trophy which still sits in a prime position alongside his other awards.

The ‘Made By’ film series, which was directed by Keith ‘Keef’ Ehrlich, launched ahead of the Australian Open with a Global Premiere held at The Luminaire in Melbourne, Australia.

The ‘Birthed By Serbia’, ‘Shaped By Jelena’, ‘Inspired By Dreams’ and ‘Made By Determination’ films plus outtakes and behind the scenes can be viewed online at

The ‘Made By’ films are the next evolution of the extremely successful Jacob’s Creek ‘Open Film Series’ starring tennis legend Andre Agassi.

The partnership with Djokovic is part of Jacob’s Creek’s global tennis sponsorship platform, which includes the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the China Open.

The ‘Made By’ film series forms part of the new Jacob’s Creek ‘Made By’ global campaign which celebrates the people, places and passions that go into crafting every bottle of Jacob’s Creek wine.