This smooth like silk stout is a perfect afternoon or evening pick me up and is filled with aromas of coffee and sweet chocolate.

Locally roasted coffee adds subtle hints of caramel and nougat, dark malts create depth with roasted flavors. Hops balance out the finish just like your favorite cup of joe, so hold the cream and sugar and enjoy this one straight up.

The Brewers were on a mission to find the perfect coffee to offer this stout the best aromas and taste. The crew started off with four types of coffee and two different base beers. Locally roasted Guatemalan coffee passed the high test after narrowing down the coffee selection. Coffee called Cosecha from Huehuetenango, Guatemala found its way to our brewery from a local coffee shop in Newport, RI.

“CJ Barone, owner of Empire Tea & Coffee, has always supported RI craft breweries and Newport Storm, especially with the Newport Craft Beer Festival. It was a no-brainer to collaborate with his local roaster, Kat, who was so passionate about helping us select the right coffee for our beer. ”
– Brew Master, Derek Luke

High Test 4-pack

High Test 4-pack

The base of this beer was made with a combination of Black Patent, Chocolate Wheat, and Roasted Barley malts which added sweet and toasted flavors. Magnum and Equinox hops were added to balance out this brew and create a smooth, sweet finish. The coffee flavors of this beer are developed in the aging process where the whole batch was fermented and allowed to mature with “dry-beaned” coffee beans. This is similar to the dry hopping process when hops are added in during the fermentation process and not in the boil. At 8% ABV, High Test is a perfect complement to the end of your day.

High Test is now available by the 4-pack. For more information on where you can track down this limited batch brew and all of Newport Storm’s beers, visit