Newport Storm’s Annual Release was one the first limited release beers in craft beer history.

Since 2000, each Annual Release has been a “Most Extreme Beer” that doesn’t fit a particular style. The last couples of years were sweet dark ales, but this year, the brewers went a different direction.

Annual Release ’17 is inspired by the German lagers and the technical traditions German brewers use to make them.

“This beer sat in our fermentation tanks for 3 months. Most brewers don’t have the patience or the equipment to be able to invest that much time into making a single batch of beer. We really wanted to let this yeast strain ferment out all those spicy and snappy flavors for all our fans to enjoy!”
– Brewmaster, Derek Luke

Newport Storm Annual Release '17

Newport Storm Annual Release ’17

After a long, cold fermentation using this Bavarian lager yeast strain, the annual tradition settled in at 11% ABV. With the help of two German earthy, spicy hops, Saphir and Tettenang, and almost 20 percent rye grain, the lager yeast strain made this medium amber colored lager full with sweet, malty fig-like flavors and spicy notes of rye.

Annual Releases are known for their unique flavors, extreme qualities, and higher ABV. Since 2000 the annual brews have been released in limited quantities. Roughly 3,000 bottles were produced and will be distributed in Rhode Island.

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