Premiering on Brazil’s FOX and soon available for U.S. audiences to view via Fox Play, is new reality show ‘Rio Bar Brasil’.

Rio Bar Brasil

Co-produced by FOX Lab Brasil (the creative in-house agency of FOX Networks Group Latin America) and Cachaça 51, ‘Rio Bar Brasil’ chronicles eight individuals from around the world who are brought to Brazil to learn about the Brazilian bar culture and compete in mixology challenges. The show is hosted by well-known Brazilian chef, author and presenter Guga Rocha and composed of six 15-minute episodes.

Rio Bar Brasil

The unique brand partnership between Cachaça 51 and FOX Lab Brasil introduces viewers to Cachaça, a spirit native to Brazil, while also celebrating the diversity and culture of Rio, as the series leads up to the Olympics that just took place in the city.

Chilled chats with Cachaça 51 about the new reality show.

Tell us about the new show.

‘Rio Bar Brasil’ is a Brazilian original production – developed in partnership with FOX. Hosted by chef Guga Rocha, one of the most celebrated names of the new generation of Brazilian chefs, the reality show promotes the culture of Brazil and the integration of people from around the world. In each episode, eight participants from seven nations (Chile, Argentina, USA, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Brazil) test their management skills, drink creation, and preparation and customer service skills in groups and in individual competitions. Developed with the goal of educating the world about Brazilian culture, the program is filmed in the city of Rio de Janeiro with scenes recorded in two Cachaça 51 beach kiosks.

Rio Bar Brasil

Its innovative format offers a relaxed atmosphere of integration between different cultures, which enables the viewer to get a taste of living the dream of managing a kiosk in one of the most famous beaches of Rio. Filmed entirely in English, Rio Bar Brasil will be broadcast in other international markets throughout Latin America, USA and Europe.

In addition, the public can view the show’s content on FOX Play – the on-demand platform of Fox – for a year. Rio Bar Brasil is the first branded content project of Cachaça 51 and is part of the company’s branding repositioning strategy.

Rio Bar Brasil

The bartenders featured on this show are from around the world. How different are each of the contestants?

The contestants are not formally trained bartenders -they’ve traveled to Brazil to hone their skill! Coming from around the globe, we have a mathematician, a street performer, an actor, a traveler and even an English teacher. When selecting the participants we looked to get a mix of cultures and individuals that had a passion for the Brazilian spirit.

What kind of happenings can we expect to see in the episodes?

This is the first reality show with a genuinely positive outlook. We join people and we enable a life-changing experience for each of them, and prove that diversity and mix are sovereign in every situation. You can expect to get a true taste of Rio de Janeiro and, of course, a lot of drinks made with Cachaça 51.

Rio Bar Brasil

Describe the bartending culture in Brazil.

Brazilians are a truly creative people, which is no different when it comes to preparing cocktails. We like to try different combinations and mixes of flavors. Fortunately, we live in a tropical country with access to many different fruits, which we utilize when preparing our drinks and versions of the traditional Caipirinha (originally made with lemons).

Rio Bar Brasil