NEFT Vodka, a premium vodka crafted in the Austrian Alps that’s quickly garnering accolades throughout the United States, has announced a shift in leadership direction, with U.S. Director’s Jeff Mahony and Scott Sutherland advancing strategic investment following triple digit growth for the brand.

Under a more refined GTM strategy, NEFT Vodka will see more than a 300 percent investment increase during the next 12 months, focused on both sales and marketing in the United States.

As part of this new direction, NEFT Vodka has secured a highly experienced executive management team comprised of business professionals with diverse backgrounds in sectors such as technology, finance and spirits. As part of this growth, NEFT recently hired 10 full-time, and 13 part-time employees in marketing, social media, content development, event operations and sales, and is expected to fill 10 to 20 more roles within the next year. A recent move to the prestigious Pacific Design Center’s 14-acre campus in West Hollywood, California—where they will run operations and conduct trainings—solidifies the brands commitment to growth. In addition, in keeping with the NEFT’s charitable commitment, approximately three percent of every unit sold will be donated to local and national charities. The board has been and continues to be particularly dedicated to supporting children related causes.

NEFT Vodka, white barrel on black

NEFT Vodka

NEFT Vodka was conceived of by Alexander Kuzmina, a third generation petroleum engineer from Western Siberia who saw first-hand the sacrifice and endurance displayed by the Siberian oil pioneers of the 1970s. Paying tribute to these trailblazers, Kuzmina was determined to make a product of pristine quality for which the original workers would not only be proud, but would thoroughly enjoy. He sought the most organic ingredients available and settled on the mountainous Vorarlberg region of Austria, where the pristine Alpine spring water and distillation methods produce some of the best spirits in the world. Critics agree, with NEFT Vodka recently receiving a second Double Gold Medal from the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) where, along with its first Double Gold medal, it also took “Best in Show” in the vodka category in 2018, and The Tasting Panel Magazine recently awarded NEFT an impressive 98 point score.

NEFT Vodka uses four different strains of non-GMO rye grain grown in the arable regions of Austria—Rapidly, Amato, Pollino, and Askari—delivering a distinct flavor profile with a natural, slightly sweet finish. This grain selection, combined with the pristine, oxygen-rich Alpine spring water sourced underground from the Rätikon Massif mountain range (known for its rich geological diversity consisting of limestone and slate), NEFT’s multiple-distillation process, and carbon-layer filtration produces an unmistakable vodka of exceptional purity and a smooth, refined taste that consumers everywhere can enjoy. NEFT (Russian for “oil”), is a bold vodka available in a unique oil barrel vessel, further honoring it’s heritage.

Under new direction, NEFT Vodka has gained a level of investment and innovative thinking needed to catapult the brand to the top of the ultra-premium vodka category. With the development of a new sleek glass bottle, NEFT is steadfastly moving to solidify this position, targeting high-end on-premise accounts, as well as “nighttime” consumer consumption as they focus on increasing distribution and developing rapid growth in states across the region. NEFT is currently available in select accounts in NY, CA, and UT. NEFT Vodka has a SRP of $36.99 (750ml barrel); $44.99 (1 liter barrel); and $9.99 (100ml barrel).