New winter brew a salute to famed World War II Battleship USS Massachusetts.

Narragansett Beer announces the release of Big Mamie Indestructible American Pale Ale, a sessionable ale as solid and reliable as its namesake vessel, the USS Massachusetts. The release commemorates the 50th anniversary of maritime museum Battleship Cove and Narragansett’s own efforts to save the impenetrable warship many years ago.

Recognized in American history for firing both the first and last U.S. Navy sixteen inch shells during World War II, the USS Massachusetts, otherwise known as “Big Mamie,” served her country proudly for many years. However, despite her storied history, Big Mamie was on her way to the scrap yard to be stripped of her parts by 1964. With her heroic past and New England pride in mind, Narragansett Beer spearheaded a fundraising movement with the local Massachusetts community to save the beloved ship from destruction. Thanks in part to ‘Gansett’s charitable efforts, in 1965 Big Mamie made a victorious return through Narragansett Bay to the Fall River, Massachusetts waterfront where a half million adoring fans lined the shores to welcome her home. The vessel is still docked there today as the crown jewel of America’s Fleet Museum at Battleship Cove.

“My mom first took me to visit Battleship Cove in November of 1972. I was only 4 years old then, but the pictures from the deck of the ship are in my family photo album and are very meaningful to me. Now, I drive by Battleship Cove and look down onto the fleet everyday on my trip to and from the ‘Gansett offices. Knowing what Big Mamie truly represents and learning more about Narragansett’s role in rallying New England to help preserve such an important part of American history – it’s something that hits me, even if only for a second during my drive every day. I’ve come to learn that my wife’s grandfather served in the US Pacific Fleet with Big Mamie in WWII, and this release is our way of honoring him and every brave American who has fought for our country – it’s our way of remembering that our safety and freedom has been built and protected by generations of selfless servicemen and women.”
– Mark Hellendrung, president of Narragansett Beer

Big Mamie Indestructible American Pale Ale

Big Mamie Indestructible American Pale Ale

“Narragansett is a historical and iconic beer and 50 years ago they stepped up and said ‘Hi Neighbor’ to support the saving of another historical icon – Big Mamie – the USS Massachusetts. It was a great partnership then and 50 years later it’s a great partnership again. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate such teamwork than with the coming together of high quality ingredients to make a beer worthy of Big Mamie and her crew.”
– Brad King, executive director of Battleship Cove

Brewed under the supervision of Narragansett Beer Head Brewmaster Sean Larkin, this easy-drinking winter sessionable is made with U.S. Pale, Cara Belge, Vienna and Special B malts, and is carefully balanced with U.S. Chinook hops. To achieve an indestructible American finish, the beer is then dry hopped with U.S. Liberty for a crisp and bright taste.

With availability through the winter, Big Mamie Indestructible American Pale Ale comes in six packs of 16-ounce tallboy cans priced between $8.99 – $9.99 SRP per six pack. The beer is 4.5 percent ABV and 30 IBUs. Big Mamie Indestructible American Pale Ale will be distributed throughout New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, Portland, Ore., Nashville and Chattanooga, Tenn. The timing and availability will vary per market.

To honor the launch of this battleship brew, Narragansett Beer hosted a release party at The Cove Restaurant on the waterfront in Fall River, Massachusetts on Veterans Day, November 11th, 2015. Just down the road from Big Mamie herself, guests were invited to take the first sip of this iconic collaboration that pays homage to the historic battleship.

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