Photos courtesy Anepalco Restaurant | El Mercado Modern Cuisine

Anepalco is a fusion restaurant (Mexican-French) located in Orange, CA. In-house bar man “Cesar Cerrudo” and Chef “Daniel Godinez” have crafted an amazing cocktail program and fine cuisine. Give these must try cocktails a mix.


Photos courtesy Anepalco Restaurant | El Mercado Modern Cuisine


This is a twisted version of a sazerac with tequila and mescal. It has the same finish as the sazerac but instead of whiskey being the main spirit we blended the mescal and tequila as well.

  • 1 oz. Fortaleza Blanco
  • 1 oz. Ilegal Joven Mezcal
  • 1/2 oz. Highwest Double Rye Whiskey
  • 3 dashes peychauds bitters
  • 1 sugar cube or 1/2 oz. of 1:1 simple syrup

Glass: Absinthe Wash

Glass: Glecairn Whiskey Glass

Garnish: Lime peel

Preparation: Add sugar cube or 1/2 1:1 simple syrup, 3 dashes of peychauds bitters to mixing glass and then proceed to gently muddle. After muddling, add all spirits to the previous mix glass and stir for 45 seconds. Pour contents into washed absinthe glass. No ice needed and garnish with a lime peel.


Photos courtesy Anepalco Restaurant | El Mercado Modern Cuisine


This is an old fashioned specially made for Anepalcos. Using the traditional old fashioned recipe, to give anepalcos their own signature version of this old classic.

  • 1 oz. Mastersons 10 year old Rye
  • 1 oz. Cognac Park VS
  • 1/2 oz. Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth
  • 2 dashes Reagans orange bitters
  • 2 dash Angostura bitters

Glass: Rocks

Garnish: Flaming Orange Peel

Preparation: In a mixing glass add all spirits and bitters stir for 45 seconds (depending on the type of ice you are using), strain into rocks glass with big ice sphere and serve on the rocks.

Anepalco-Dona Maggo

Photos courtesy Anepalco Restaurant | El Mercado Modern Cuisine

Doña Maggo

This delicacy came from the 3 mago(s) wise man…enjoy! Hence the word mago as magicians and margarita as the next door neighbor danny had in Mexico.

  • 1 Illegal Mezcal
  • 1 Olmeca Altos Blanco
  • 3/4 Simple syrup
  • 3/4 Lime juice

Glass: Rocks

Garnish: Rim half glass Home made chilli powder, add Kaffier Lime Leaf and chile de arbol.

Preparation: Add ingridients into mixing glass and shake. Pour over rocks glass with fresh ice and garnish.

Anepalco Restaurant is located at 3737 West Chapman Avenue Orange, CA 92868. Visit