Cilantro is usually found chopped in your salsa or sometimes as a full sprig in many Thai dishes.

It’s an herb that creeps into your food, and you just accept it as another flavoring. A cousin of parsley, cilantro is considered a “superherb.” Thought to originate from the Mediterranean, cilantro is an herb used throughout Asian, Indian, and Latin American food preparations with fervor.

Cilantro sprig with label


Most people don’t think of cilantro as medicinal, but it does have some powerful healing benefits, another reason to throw some into your food and cocktails. Cilantro is a spring herb known for clearing toxic metals (aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury) out of the system, especially through the spinal cord and brain. It’s also extremely beneficial to the cardiovascular system, providing anti-oxidative properties that can help keep the cells healthy. In addition, it can help regulate blood sugar, strengthen brain function, and provide relief for mood imbalance and insomnia.

So if you’re looking for a healthy, medicinally minded cocktail, head over to a garden or farmer’s market and pick up a large bag. Keep in mind that cilantro is gentle and spoils quickly.

Try a cocktail using fresh cilantro and black grapes (which also help cleanse the blood) and incorporating the seeds of cilantro and coriander as the garnish for an extra boost of healing. May you find health and happiness with this powerhouse of an herb!

Cilantro is Grape for You cocktail and garnishes

Cilantro is Grape for You

Photo by Katerina Valentina

Cilantro is Grape for You


  • 2 oz. Gin (Your Favorite Will Work)
  • 7 Muddled Black Grapes
  • 2-4 Cilantro Sprigs (Depending On the Size and Your Palate)
  • 1 oz. Rosemary Honey Syrup
  • 21 drops of Basil/Tulsi/Cinnamon Bitters
  • Powdered Coriander (for Garnish)

Preparation: Shake with passion, double-strain into a glass of your choice, garnish with sprinkle of powdered coriander.