Gin Gin Gin!

It’s been a great few years for the juniper based spirit. With soaring popularity and Gin-only joints popping up in major cities, we’re in the middle of the first wave of a “Gin-aissance”. This has coincided with a cocktail resurgence and a general “return to flavor”, where bartenders, consumers and distillers have explored what gin can be.

A reverence for the craft and a need for freshness have molded this Renaissance. In the first wave, nearly every forgotten classic has been remade, reimagined & made better. In harmony and response to this, new styles of gin have emerged which have fueled the fire and caused bartenders to further examine every aroma, flavor and nuance.

As we all know, gin is no longer just a piney punch to the mouth. Modern styles of gin have redefined the spirit and created new fans. They are part and parcel to this movement and in many cases, have guided the evolution. At the forefront of this evolution has been NOLET’S. This family business has 325+ years’ experience in distilling and honing their craft. They have been able to create something new and unique while still utilizing all the best elements of the predominant style.

Mixing With Nolet's Silver Gin

Mixing With NOLET’S Silver Gin

NOLET’S Silver Gin is a result of the collaboration of the 10th & 11th generations of the Nolet family and is at the precipice of modern style gin. This winter-wheat based spirit has been lauded by critics, consumers and bartenders alike. With its unique combination of tart raspberry, sweet succulent peach and beautifully floral Turkish rose, it has forged a new shining path for gin. All the components are individually macerated and blended, then allowed to rest together for harmonic ends.

In the industry, it has inspired both distillers and barmen alike to discover and explore the category. As bartenders, we’ve had fun using NOLET’S Silver Gin in classic cocktails and saw how the aromatic and unique fruit-forward profile brought new life to them. But what’s next?

We’ve tried the approach of mirroring the flavor of almost every botanical and have researched drink history and reinvented classics. We’ve looked to the past but now we’re shaping the future.

As our series, Mixing with NOLET’S, Next Wave, unfolds, we’ll meet a few of the CHILLED 100 members, artisans of the craft, who will show us how they are pushing the boundaries just as NOLET’S did for gin. In the “next wave” of the gin revolution, we’ll straddle the line between exploration and creativity, and honor the spirit we’re celebrating. We want to forge a new path, just as Carolus, Bob & Carl Nolet Jr. did in the creation of this unique gin.

An exemplary idea of what’s possible is right here in Las Vegas. Hakkasan Restaurant is the epitome of balancing creativity and imagination without losing sight of the products they’re utilizing. Tim Weigel, their Chief Mixologist, is one of the best bartenders and cocktail minds I’ve ever known. He’s the man behind their innovative cocktail program and a lover of NOLET’S. Tim and I once worked together at an Italian chain restaurant in San Diego and he draws on some of his own history for one of his NOLET’S Silver Gin cocktails. It’s called “The Greek Tragedy” and is inspired by the road from San Diego to Las Vegas.

“Along the I-15 (between LA and Vegas) there’s an infamous restaurant called Mad Greek Cafe. I usually stop in to indulge in their delicious Greek cuisine (fresh salads with feta, gyros with creamy tzatziki sauce, etc.) and a little bit of that experience provided me with the inspiration for The Greek Tragedy – NOLET’S Silver Gin, St-Germain, Dill Cucumber and Lime Juices, Cilantro Syrup and Greek Yogurt.”

“There’s something unique that happens when the tanginess of the yogurt dances with the floral notes in NOLET’S Silver Gin. Another flavor paradox is the way the fruit (peach and raspberry) holds hands with the savory vegetable ingredients (cucumber, dill, and cilantro) to provide a unique multi-flavored libation.”
– Tim Weigel, Chief Mixologist, Hakkasan Restaurant, Las Vegas

the greek tragedy cocktail, adam rains

The Greek Tragedy

The Greek Tragedy


  • NOLET’S Silver Gin
  • St-Germain
  • Dill Cucumber and Lime Juices
  • Cilantro Syrup
  • Greek Yogurt

Meet Adam Rains

Chilled 100 Member, Las Vegas

Adam has a passion for food, wine, beer & spirits and a love of the craft. He works as a Barman at Mario Batali’s CarneVino Italian Steakhouse as well as at The Dorsey in the Venetian. He is a Beverage Editor for Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional Magazine and on the Opportunities Committee for the Las Vegas chapter of the USBG. Adam strives to learn every day and during his career he’s studied at SDSU, BarSmarts, Court of Master Sommeliers, International Sommeliers Guild, the USBG and the Certified Cicerone Program. His mantra with both food & cocktails is, “fresh is best.”

Adam Rains - Chilled 100 Ambassador, Las Vegas

Adam Rains – Chilled 100 Ambassador, Las Vegas