Winter has arrived and Hornell Brewing Company is ready with the introduction of a new 16-ounce can version of their highly successful Black & Tan beer, Mississippi Mud.

Mississippi Mud Black & Tan Beer

Mississippi Mud Black & Tan Beer

Photo Courtesy of Mississippi Mud

Mississippi Mud is currently available nationwide at retailers such as Publix and Trader Joes, but is commonly recognized in its authentic 32 oz. ceramic jug with the iconic image of an alligator adorning the front of the bottle.

“We’ve been producing Mud since 1992 and it immediately developed a cult-like following,” said Chairman Don Vultaggio. “We’re happy to be offering it in a new package that will excite the consumer and continue to be a fan favorite.”

The 16 oz. aluminum cans are becoming a popular trend among brewers and consumers, and help preserve the beer’s freshness by providing complete protection from light and oxygen.

This super premium beer will deliver the same delightfully refreshing taste as the 32 oz. that is rich in color and flavor yet smooth and drinkable. The famous recipe combines a robust English Porter with a fine Continental Pilsner creating the taste of the legendary Black & Tan.

“Mississippi Mud suits the taste for an entry-level craft beer drinker. It’s not too hoppy, but has full flavor characteristics,” said Craig Ferguson, Director of Alcoholic Beverages at Hornell Brewing.

The 16 oz. cans are being introduced in the New York Metro market with national distribution expected to be complete by the end of 2015. Consumers can look for the same iconic image of an alligator across the front of the can. A four-pack will retail at $5.99 and will contain 5% alcohol by volume.