Meet Peter Camps, On Premise Channel Strategy & Shopper Marketing Manager, Heineken BrewLock.

Peter Camps,

Peter Camps

What is the main use of the BrewLock system? In a nutshell, how does it work?

BrewLock is a patented and revolutionary new technology developed by Heineken® to enhance the quality, consistency and environmentally sound delivery of draught beer. BrewLock is a double-wall 20L keg made out of 100% recyclable PET plastic. The beer resides in a bladder protected by the PET shell. A small, customized air compressor exerts pressure in the area between the shell and the bladder, pushing the beer through the draught lines untouched, ensuring a perfectly carbonated beer every time.

What did Heineken hope to achieve by introducing this draft option to bars?

We understand the challenges that our on-premise customers face and are looking to provide solutions that meet their needs – whether it’s faster service, improving consistent quality or simplifying operations. The beauty of BrewLock is its simplicity. The installation is fast and easy and the small investment required from the bar owner quickly pays for itself through improved keg yields, higher rate of sale and savings on gas and other maintenance costs.

Tell us how the BrewLock system is being received by bartenders and bar owners on-premise?

Accounts report on average a +10% to 17% increase[1] in rate of sale for Heineken when switching to BrewLock – an amazing testament to the quality of the BrewLock product. Additionally, rate of sale of Heineken bottles increases +2% to 6%[2] when an account switches to BrewLock. Bartenders and operators say they are able to recruit more consumers to the brands and that their guests are enjoying more Heineken and Newcastle because of the superior taste and consistently perfect balance of the BrewLock draught beer. And since this spring, they can also enjoy Strongbow Hard Cider and Heineken Light delivered through the BrewLock system as well. Bottom line, the combination of increased topline sales and bottom line savings is providing tremendous profit value to our on-premise partners.

Heineken BrewLock on Draft Handles

Heineken BrewLock on Draft Handles

Tell us about the transition for Heineken, typically a bottled brew, to looking more toward the appeal of a draft option.

Heineken’s rich history of brewing began in 1873 when the family first introduced its world-renowned Heineken Lager beer. While our bottle business is critical to our success, we have never lost sight of the importance of our draught business. In recent years, the craft beer boom has played a key role in the resurgence of draught beer. Consumers are seeking draught beer more often than in the past motivating operators to offer a wider selection of draught brands. Consumers are also becoming better educated on how to distinguish between a quality beer experience and those that do not meet expectations. Quality beer service can be a critical traffic driver for both new and repeat guest visits so operators are under greater pressure to get it right. BrewLock provides Heineken with a renewed and revolutionary system to deliver our legendary draught beer while offering operators a cost effective, traffic building solution.

What are the advantages to using a BrewLock system, for the environment in particular?

BrewLock kegs are recyclable – a great benefit for the increasing number of operators who are looking for more environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. BrewLock also reduces the account’s carbon footprint by eliminating the need for expensive CO2 & Nitrogen gas blends to move the beer and cider from keg to customer.

What would you like bartenders to know about the BrewLock system?

BrewLock kegs are easy to install, 25% lighter in weight than 1/6 steel barrels and are horizontally stackable when not in use, resulting in a considerably smaller footprint in the cooler. They provide a nearly 100% yield so every last drop of profit is squeezed out of the keg. BrewLock also eliminates nearly 50% of all draught system failures, meaning the end of gas regulator adjustments and repairs. BrewLock’s technology blocks out outside contaminants and provide your customers with a truly great draught beer experience that will keep them coming back for more.

What would you like consumers to know about the BrewLock system?

BrewLock provides your favorite bars and restaurants with a revolutionary draught system that consistently provide a freshly brewed beer and cider taste delivered just how brewers intended every time.

Tell us about Heineken also offering Light and Strongbow available on BrewLock.

The clear growth and consumer acceptance of Heineken Lager and Newcastle Brown Ale served through BrewLock has enabled us to extend the BrewLock system to more of our portfolio beginning with Strongbow Gold Apple and Heineken Light and we are excited to see the system continue to grow with these brands.

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Both Strongbow Gold Apple and Heineken Light are award winning in their categories, making consistent delivery of these exceptional liquids so important. Strongbow Gold Apple won the World Cider Championships two years in a row[3] and Strongbow on BrewLock delivers the pure, crisp and refreshingly fruity cider in every glass. Heineken Light, awarded the World Beer Championship’s Best Tasting Light Beer[4], is brewed with Cascade Hops and Heineken’s signature A-Yeast. BrewLock ensures the crisp, refreshing flavor and clean aftertaste of Heineken Light are delivered to consumers with every draught.

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