The visionary founder behind 123 Organic Tequila has now expanded the 123 Spirits portfolio to include six 100% organic and sustainable agave expressions.

When Founder and Master Distiller David Ravandi launched 123 Organic Tequila with three expressions in 2010, he introduced one of the first organic tequilas to the market. 123 Spirits, the new parent company for the 123 Organic Tequila portfolio, is dedicated to developing and growing new, ultra-premium brands that are USDA and EU certified organic and are produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

As a fully licensed spirits importer to the United States, 123 Spirits is well positioned to add new, high quality products to its portfolio that are committed to Ravandi’s strict sustainability guidelines. In addition to its main line of tequilas, the 123 Spirits portfolio now includes three distinct brands encapsulating six ultra-premium expressions. The original 123 Organic Tequila line expanded in 2014 with the rare, 40-month aged 123 Organic Tequila Extra Añejo (Diablito), and new brands were added with the high-proof El Luchador Organic Tequila Blanco 110 in 2015 and Cráneo Organic Mezcal in November 2016.

“Forming 123 Spirits to unite our portfolio, was the natural, next step for the company’s growth. With the original 123 Organic Tequila portfolio’s success and growing consumer demand for organic spirits, it’s given us the opportunity to continue experimenting and adding new and complex, small-batch agave spirits. These classic, artisanal spirits are all ‘forever brands’ that represent our commitment to the history of the craft, while also looking ahead to the future by not depleting our environment in the production process.”
– David Ravandi, who previously co-founded Casa Noble Tequila

At 123 Spirits’ organic and biodynamic Mexican estates in Tequila’s Amatitán and Oaxaca’s Santiago Matatlàn regions, Ravandi relies on local master artisans and is involved in every step of the process—from the time the agave matures to the first pour. The sustainable, eco-friendly mindset continues to the packaging, which includes bottles hand-blown from recycled glass and recycled paper labels depicting the spirits’ Mexican heritage printed in soy ink.

123 Spirits Organic Agave Portfolio

123 Spirits Organic Agave Portfolio

The complete 123 Spirits portfolio includes:

123 Organic Tequila Blanco (Uno)

(SRP: $45, ABV: 40%)

This unaged “mother spirit” tequila boasts clean, powerful aromas of fresh agave and lemon peel, black pepper, and minerals.

123 Organic Tequila Reposado (Dos)

(SRP: $50, ABV: 40%)

Aged for six months in white oak barrels, a subtle agave scent greets the nose, but quickly gives way to flavors of salted caramel, crème brûlée, and toffee.

123 Organic Tequila Añejo (Tres)

(SRP: $55, ABV: 40%)

Aged for 18 months in white oak barrels, it initially sends heady notes of tannin and wood oil to the nose, yet the aromas mellow in the glass, giving way to rich caramel and chocolate elements.

123 Organic Tequila Extra Añejo (Diablito)

(SRP: $150, ABV: 40%)

Originally created for Ravandi’s personal collection, only 2,500 bottles of this easy-drinking tequila are released annually, with this year’s exclusive allotment debuting on May 1, 2017. Aged for 40 months in new French Limousin oak barrels, it boasts a rich, creamy body that greets the nose with vanilla and black pepper scents, before a tart, citrusy, and long-lasting finish sets in. Released in 2014.

El Luchador Organic Tequila Blanco 110

(SRP: $55, ABV: 55%)

Made from 12-year-old agave, this playful spirit gains inspiration from Mexico’s famed masked fighters, with its 110-proof making it “the fighter of the family.” A distinct terroir and extra-mature agave impart a deep, velvety nature, and serves as an ideal agave digestif or foundation for classic cocktails. Released in 2015.

Cráneo Organic Mezcal

(SRP: $60, ABV: 42%)

Beginning with classically structured aromas of barbecue smoke and subtle hints of citrus, this Espadín mezcal (one of the few organic mezcals on the market) leads into flavors of orange and grapefruit peel, green banana, and spun sugar, while the light, silky body accommodates a mildly sweet smokiness throughout. Its artful label features a skull inspired by the Aztec goddess Mictecacihuatl, which symbolizes strength and influence. Released in November 2016.

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